12-week challenge: Look at me now!

Who’s annual pairing of readers and trainers produces its most stunning results in 17 years!
12-week challenge: Look at me now!

In the 17-year history of the 12-Week Challenge—where Who pairs readers with personal trainers and documents the results—weve never had a candidate like Liv Patterson, or a results like hers.


At 147kg, Liv weighed in as our biggest contender ever. But she hadnt always been overweight, as the 45-year-old from Melbourne shared in her entry: As an ex-catwalk model who is now double her size, I would love the opportunity to show others that even a decrease of 10 per cent body mass can have massive benefits, wrote Liv, who began to binge-eat her way to obesity in her 20s following an assault.


With the support of trainer Wendy La Roche from Bootyfit at Chapel Fitness, Liv achieved more than shed imagined, shedding a whopping 30 kg in 12 weeks. My doctor tells me that by participating in the challenge Ive reduced my risk of heart attack and stroke by 75 per cent, says Liv, whos reaping benefits that arent just physical.



Liv before (left) and after (right).

Today, she no longer requires anti-anxiety medication, and is considering a career in plus-size modelling. Says Liv: Intense workouts and a fantastic diet has healed not only my body but my mind.


For more on Livs amazing transformation, and to see the reveals of the eight other women who took part, pick up this weeks issue of WHO, on sale now.