Get Fit and Sugar-Free in Time for Summer!

Inspire a better and healthier life!
Get Fit and Sugar-Free in Time for Summer!

Currently, the obesity epidemic is costing the Australian Government $132 billion and our annual Diabetes bill is $14.6 billion. Australian business Natvia has developed a new free Fit N Quit Health Program as part of their mission to ‘inspire a better and healthier life’.


Owned by healthy food entrepreneur Sam Tew, Natvia Is Australia’s leading natural sweetener, and is made from Stevia. Natvia was set up eight years ago as a result of Sam’s research into his wife’s own gestational diabetes. Unable to eat sugar while pregnant, she still wanted to eat sweet things. Sam started to learn as much as he could about non-chemical sugar alternatives and found that there were no organic solutions available. From that moment on, he searched high and low until he discovered the Stevia plant.


Sam became passionate about Stevia and started his company, Natvia, so that other people who are trying not to eat sugar could still have sweetness in their diet. Stevia is particularly good as there are no nasty aftertaste and it looks and can be literally exchanged for sugar when cooking. Natvia now offer a range of sugar-free products from  sugar free drinking chocolates to baking packs. The next step for Natvia is about empowering people to lead healthier lives


The Natvia Fit N Quit Program has been developed by Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Miriam Mace. The program includes low carb, healthy fat (LCHF) recipes and has high intensity interval training (HIIT) for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants. The Fit N Quit Program will be overseen by Miriam Mace, owner of MIMFIT Holistic Health and Fitness who has worked with clients to manage their health issues some of which include diabetes and obesity. The LCHF Meal approach to diet has long been praised for its success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Free of charge, the Natvia Fit N Quit Program runs for 12 weeks and incorporates workouts that you can do in the comfort of your home, an exercise journal and LCHF based meal plans to help you get healthier! Launching mid-September, the Natvia Fit & Quit Program also incorporates weekly competitions to keep members active.


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