Mental prep is key as our 12-Week Challenge kicks off

WHO's weight-loss expert reflects on the power your mind during your fitness journey
Mental prep is key as our 12-Week Challenge kicks off
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As our 12-Week Challenge launches this week, weight-loss hypnotherapist Avril Carpenter tells WHO, "What happens in our head directly influences our body.”

“Mental prep is often the missing link in weight loss.”


Start afresh with the “f ” word. That's right, "Forgiveness".


“Increase your chance of success
in the 12-Week Challenge by wiping
the slate clean of all your previous
fitness endeavours: start anew
 with forgiveness. Release past
fitness failures and you’ll have
plenty of fresh momentum for
this new journey.”


“By thinking negatively, our body floods with adrenaline and cortisol, which causes our body to store weight.”



Khloé Kardashian mid workout.

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Practice saying no.
“A vital part of mental preparation for weight loss is learning to say ‘no.’ You need to get comfortable with honouring yourself and your newly emerging healthy habits. Your success is dependent on your new habits being more important than your need to please someone else. Respect your needs and others will too.” 


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