EXCLUSIVE: Luke Hines' top five tips to eat clean

The ultimate guide to keeping focussed on a healthy diet.
EXCLUSIVE: Luke Hines' top five tips to eat clean
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It’s Week 2 of our 12-Week Challenge and healthy eating is top priority for our 10 candidates (if you missed out on this year’s Challenge, check out the free program offered by our commercial partner here. We've spoken to trainer and bestselling author (Eat Clean) Luke Hines and he shared his top five tips for eating clean.


1. Keep it simple. Delicious tasting healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive or time consuming. Find a few affordable ingredients, combine them with some love and attention, and let the flavours of the food do the talking.


2. Stick to real food. That means trying to avoid packaged and processed options that we usually gravitate towards when we are time poor or hungry. Stick to the out skirts of supermarkets and choose mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and proteins of your preference. 


3. Be prepared. Too often we make poor food choices when we are tired, running late or too busy to make the effort to eat clean. Do some batch cooking on the weekends with your friends, buy in bulk to save money, and freeze leftovers so you always have something healthy in the             fridge!


4. Don’t forget to season! Herbs and spices are your new best friend. The simplest of meals can be jazzed up with fresh herbs or aromatic spices so be creative and add some character to your plate!


5. Health starts in the kitchen. So remember in order to Eat Clean more often, it means falling in love with cooking, finding joy in what you create, and being proud to share your recipes with friends and loved ones. 




Eat Clean (Pan Macmillan, $39.99) is out now!


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