How to get a healthier life in just 12 weeks

And yes, it is achievable!
How to get a healthier life in just 12 weeks
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Let’s be completely honest, how many of us have the ambition to get fit and healthy, but genuinely don’t know where to start?


You’re definitely not alone! In between trying to figure out healthy dinner options, overcoming any fears of the gym and simply trying to find the time – it isn’t always easy to make the lifestyle changes you want.


However, as part of the WHO Weekly 12 Week Body Challenge, we have partnered with Natvia to bring you your own challenge, one you can attend to in the comfort of your home! Their meal and exercise program has everything you need to help you get fit and lead a healthier life – in a short twelve weeks, and best of all? It’s free of charge!


The program, which has been designed by fitness and nutrition coach Miriam Mace, includes weekly low carb, high fat (LCHF) recipes. Plus, you’ll be provided with weekly shopping lists and menu to take the guesswork out of dinnertime. The meals are easy to cook, delicious and affordable!


It also includes daily exercise circuits, which you can do at home (or anywhere you want!) – no expensive equipment or gym membership required. The exercises have been designed to suit any fitness level, so whether you’re an exercise fanatic or a couch commando, you’ll be able to use them.


One of the challengers has written: “I am very proud of myself today for doing the first workout I have done in 4 months! I followed today's overall full body and cardio circuit provided on this site, which really helped! I loved how it gave me set exercises and how to do each exercise because I am a bit rusty as to how to do some of the moves. I also loved how I could do everything in my backyard too because I am not a fan of driving to get to the gym to workout with equipment.”


Users of the program have access to a daily mindfulness calendar and journal section where you can reflect on the challenge so far and connect with friends.


It’s only been a few weeks and people are already achieving their goals and surprising themselves!


So far, more than a thousand people have signed up – you could be next! Head to to find out more and sign up for the challenge.