Jessica Marais opens up about how her body confidence changed after 30

The actress has found a way to live her best life!
Jessica Marais opens up about how her body confidence changed after 30
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Aussie actress Jessica Marais is the star of upcoming show "The Wrong Girl", but the 31-year-old is fast becoming the poster girl for having the right attitude towards your body.


Marais, tells Women's Health that "in your 20s you live so presently in the moment, you’re not quite as aware of where you are in life, you just grab at opportunities and go. When I turned 30 I started reflecting and realising, ‘Oh hang on…’ You look at your parents and older friends and how they live. But I think we’re probably always trying to do adulting better. It’s a myth that one day you’ll just be grown up and everything’s sorted. Such a myth!" 


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Marais gets candid about  "there have been times in my life when I’ve felt the need to work on my own personal growth without depending on affirmation from a man or from an external source, where you say, ‘You know, I need to sort myself out on my own.’” 


The actress believes that with age she's come to rely less on fad diets. In fact, when the star was asked how she felt about a cover shoot for the maf she responded, "I’m a little nervous but I’ve become more body confident the older I’ve gotten. By body confidence, what I mean is a self acceptance. You know, if 21-year old Jess knew she had a cover coming up she would be drinking just green juice and running like this [mimes running like a maniac]. But now I know I’ve done what I can do given where I am at. Also, I’ve gotten used to seeing some pretty awful pictures of myself from some of the cheeky photographers that like to follow me around! Once you’ve seen the triple-chin shots, well, a cover with a great photographer, and hair and makeup, is much better.”


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