Why shifting to a “low carb/healthy fat” diet will work wonders for you

Don’t fret: you can still have plenty of good stuff!
Why shifting to a “low carb/healthy fat” diet will work wonders for you
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The diet, which is referred to as the LCHF is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: you eat fewer carbohydrates (including sugars) and add more healthy fats into your food plan.


In the past, Research has found that diets high in carbohydrates can contribute to development of diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. A high intake of carbs can also lead to unwanted weight gain.


To break it down, it’s because carbohydrate consumption triggers insulin production, which in turn tells our bodies to store fat. Less carbohydrates = less insulin = less fat stored.


So, how can you make the change? We’ve partnered with Natvia to bring you Fit N Quit. It’s a simple 12-week program featuring a LCHF meal plan and exercise circuits designed by fitness and nutrition coach Miriam Mace. It has everything you need to start living a LCHF lifestyle, so it’s the perfect place to start!


A LCHF lifestyle means eating fresh, whole foods rather than processed and junk food. And if you think cutting out carbs means you won’t have anything to eat, think again! Check out these drool-worthy dishes that are included in the Fit N Quit plan…


  • Bacon wrapped chicken thigh
  • Strawberry pudding
  • Green quiche


  • Berry Cheesecake



Surprisingly, you’ll notice a lot more bacon, butter and cream in the meal plan than any diet you’ve seen before! That’s all thanks to the inclusion of healthy fats, which the LCHF emphasises as a source of energy and nutrition. And who doesn’t want a diet that lets you eat bacon and eggs for breakfast?


If you’re ready to make a healthy change in your life and want to get on board, head to www.natvia.com/fitnquit to sign up to the program.


When you sign up you’ll receive your FREE 12-week LCHF meal plan, as well as exercise plans and more! And did we mention it’s all FREE? Now, who’s for some bacon and eggs?!