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Katherine Davison

With more than 20 years of varied experience spanning news, entertainment, lifestyle and commercial editorial, Katherine’s journey in media has taken her across the globe. Starting out in local newspapers in the UK, Katherine took on a range of assignments as a young writer – including a memorable trip shadowing the British Army during a training exercise in Jordan. She then worked for SWNS - a media agency - where her interviews appeared in high profile publications including the Sun and Mirror and numerous women’s magazines. Moving to Australia in 2010, Katherine added to her wealth of experience, holding positions across print and digital publications. She was previously Deputy Editor of That’s Life!, Editor of Daily Mail Australia’s Femail section, Executive Editor and digital lead for New Idea and Managing Editor of Lifestyle, Entertainment and Commercial Editorial at She is currently Editor of WHO and When Katherine is not keeping an eagle eye on the antics of celebrities far and wide she can be found spending quality time with her beloved Maltese dog Pickle.