51 Best Man Butts

No ifs, ands or but(ts) - we've gathered 51 of the best celebrity bums known to man
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When it comes down to it, who among us doesn’t love a sexy man butt? Sure, bulging biceps are a turn-on for some, and yes, washboard abs will probably never go out of style – but a gorgeous man bum? You can’t beat it. 

But(t) why are we attracted to man butts? Scientific studies have argued that the underlying reason that men are obsessed with The Booty is primal. If a woman has narrow hips and a broad waist, it means she isn’t pregnant and she’s likely to survive childbirth. Mmmmm, sexy caveman thoughts….

So why are heterosexual woman drooling over big butts? Dr Kerri L Johnson of UCLA is a leading expert in the psychology of human attraction, and may have worked out why we go to pieces when we spy a cute butt.

Turns out it isn’t so much about the butt itself, it’s how the butt enhances male body movement that gets us so hot and bothered. The way we perceive a man’s masculinity has a lot to do with the way he walks, and the butt plays a big role in enhancing a man’s walk. Her research partner, Dr Louis G. Tassinary says “A masculine walk is one in which the shoulders ‘twist’ more relative to the natural ‘twist’ of the hips. In old school terms, think John Wayne vs. Marilyn Monroe.” He claims that “a .85 [waist-to-hip ratio] combined with wide shoulders” is, scientifically, the best combination for a guy. 

We don’t just like any old rear either. A bum can’t be too flat or too muscular, it has to be somewhere in between. Dr Johnson explains “There’s a sweet spot – just enough muscles, but not enough that you look scary or formidable. You might take that to the appreciation of the man’s backside; I suspect there is an optimal level of muscularity. … You probably don’t want, on a man, a muscular tush connected to a curvy body.” She argues that this is why we tend to find Olympic swimmers so attractive. They tend to rock that archetypal V-shaped body, with broad shoulders that taper down to the waist and a bum that is toned but not hyper-muscular.

But enough with the science. That’s not what you’ve come here for! You’ve come here to witness the creme de la creme of rears, and that’s exactly what you’re going to see. In our quest for the perfect butt, we’ve found 50 of the most bootylicious men on the planet. It was a hard job, but someone had to do it.

51. Sam Wood

We know you’re concentrating on your Cobra Pose here Sam, but you’ll forgive us for being a bit distracted. Can you believe this former Bachelor about to become a Dad for the second time? You’re a lucky lady Snezana.

50. Michael Brunelli 

When the latest batch of MAFS couples hit the Gold Coast, Australia copped an eyeful of Michael Brunelli’s pert backside during a DIY tanning session – and we weren’t mad about it. “Cute bum though” said Martha as she spray tanned her sexy husband – and we have to agree!.

49. Noah Centineo


It’s the Calvin Klein ad we didn’t know we needed. The To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star sent the Internet into a frenzy when his CK campaign dropped just days ago. If anyone is meant to wear figure hugging briefs, it’s Noah.

48. Novak Djokovic 

We’re just admiring Novak for his athletic prowess ok? Geez, can’t we just appreciate the noble sport of tennis in peace? His skills on the court mean he’s currently ranked World No.1, but don’t worry Novak, you’ve made our Nice Butt list and that’s way more important.

47. Cam Merchant

Former professional cricketer Cam Merchant has become a MAFS favourite this season, in more ways than one. I mean, look at that bum cleft?! His love for Jules has us jumping for joy, we hope they stay together (even if it’s just so she can keep an eye on his gorgeous rump)

46. Chris Hemsworth

Chris, you’re clearly trying to help us shake up our workout routines in this video, and for that we truly thank you. But can we blame us for sneaking a peak at your derrière?

Chris has recently wrapped filming for Dhaka, an upcoming Sam Hargrave film that sees Chris playing a character who is ex-military, and there are rumours that he’ll be appearing as Hulk Hogan in a Netflix bio-pic about the former wrestler’s rise to stardom. Our point is – Chris is training hard and it’s paying off big time in the butt department.

If you want a glimpse of Chris in the buff, you should watch: Rush (2013)

45. Richard Madden

His break out role was playing Robb Stark in the very NSFW series Game of Thrones. Now, Richard Madden’s won a Golden Globe for his performance in hit UK thriller,  The Bodyguard. Fans of the show lost their minds when they got a glimpse of Richard’s ‘credentials’ during his steamy sex scene with co-star Keely Hawes in episode 3. Turns out the English aren’t as shy and reserved as everyone thought! 

If you want to see Richard strut his stuff, you should watch: The Bodyguard (2018)


44. Michael Fassbender


With a name like Michael F-ass-bender, how could he not make the list? The Irish film star positively sizzles on both screen and stage, and he’s certainly not shy about getting his kit off. He’s done a naked photoshoot for Obsession magazine, he’s appeared in racy editorials alongside co-star Charlize Theron, and his role in Steve Mcqueen’s Shame saw him go full-frontal. 

Despite all the (well-deserved) hype, Michael reminds humble about his looks. “I’ve never really thought of myself as good-looking” he says. “I think of myself as, you know, all right. I used to have bad acne as a teenager, so all of this is a bonus now, the fact that I don’t have pimples anymore.” Michael, just take the damn compliment ok? You’re a stunner.

Want to get your Fassy-Fix? Watch: Shame (2011). Or for the time-poor, check out this commercial from 1998!

43. Alex Pettyfer

If you’re a Magic Mike cast member, a flawless man butt is compulsory. So it’s no wonder Alex Pettyfer was cast was Adam, a young stripper that Channing Tatum’s character takes under his wing. 

To see what Alex has been gifted with, watch: Magic Mike (2012) or Back Roads (2018)

42. David Beckham

David Beckham
(Credit: Getty )

The Royal Wedding was supposed to be about Harry and Meghan, but David Beckham ended up stealing the show instead. The former professional footballer is only getting better with age, and he’s still got a great tush.

41. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper isn’t so keen on appearing in the nude in his films. Whilst the actor did a nude photo for W Magazine in 2015, his leaked contract for Silver Linings Playbook had a very clear no nudity clause. The contract stipulated that: 

“Artist shall not be required to appear, and may not be doubled in any scene, in the nude, or in any simulated sex scene without the express written consent of Artist.” 

Oh well, we can’t have it all.

Keen to see Bradley’s bum? You can still glimpse it in: Nip/Tuck Season Five Episode 10

40. Anthony Varrrecchia


His name might not instantly ring a bell, but you’ll definitely recognise this handsome personal trainer and model. The 56 year old silver fox is a reminder to us all that ageing isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Anthony has a few cheeky NSFW shots on his Instagram: @anthony.varrechia

39. Mick Fanning 

We hate that you’ve retired from pro-surfing Mick, but we still love to watch you paddle away! Maybe it’s that tight wetsuit material, maybe it was fighting off a shark on live television, but you’ll always be our blue crush Mick.

38. Zac Efron

Don’t even talk about the 10 Year Challenge if you’re not going to mention Zac Efron. A minute ago, he was Troy in High School Musical. Now he’s starring in the Ted Bundy biopic, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

You can see Zac Efron’s butt in: Dirty Grandpa (2016)

37. Jacob Woodhouse


Former Australian Ninja Warrior contestant and AussieBum model Jacob Woodhouse is the proud owner of an exceptional man butt. 

Watch Jacob attempt the Ninja Warrior Run in nothing but a pair of undies here

36. Christian Bale

Christian Bale is famous for committing to his roles, sometimes losing or gaining a significant amount of weight to play a character. Luckily for us, you can’t transform your body to play Batman and not end up with an amazing bum – it’s just not possible. 

If gore doesn’t scare you, you can get a load of Christian’s bum in: American Psycho (2000)

35. Jamie Dornan


Mr Grey will see you now. What would a list of the best butts in the world be without an appearance from Jamie Dornan? Jamie was a model before becoming an actor, and it shows. He’s clearly confident in front of a camera and not shy about showing off his dreamy body. Fellow actress Malina Ackerman posted a hilarious #ThrowBackThursday in 2015, when she reminded the world that she and Jamie had posed for Abercrombie & Fitch’s first nude magazine cover back in 2002.  See, you don’t get to be Mr Grey unless if you’ve got the butt to back it up!

You can enjoy more naked Jamie in: The Fifty Shades of Grey films, or you can take a sneaky peak at his nude photoshoot for Visionaire magazine in 2007.

34. Ben Affleck


Ok, ok, Ben Affleck was not supposed to be likeable character in the 2014 thriller Gone Girl. Fictional Nick Dunn was lazy, he cheated on his wife Amy with his student (played by the sizzling Emily Ratajkowski), he abuses her both verbally and physically. But for a split second, you watch Ben Affleck’s character get into the shower and you think “Damn. Now there’s a good behind!”

33. Hugh Jackman

Hear that?

That’s the sound of everyone rushing to go watch Hugh Jackman in the Wolverine franchise. Hugh is one of Australia’s greatest exports, and with that bubble butt of his, it’s not hard to see why.

32. Selasi Gbormittah

Selasi, the fan favourite and a utter heartthrob who appeared on The Great British Bake Off Season 7, definitely makes our list. One, because watching him drop it down to check his creations in the GBBO ovens was everything. Two, he’s always making some delicious pastry or cake over on his Instagram. A man with fantastic buns who makes fantastic buns – what more could we ask for?

31. Eddie Murphy


Have you ever stopped laughing at his jokes for a minute and considered the fact that Eddie Murphy has a seriously good man butt going on? The good news is, we’re probably going to get another glimpse of it when the Coming To America sequel hits our screens.

Until then, you can appreciate the goods in: Raw (1987). Only Eddie Murphy could pull off a purple leather jumpsuit!

30. Christopher Remkes


It’s almost unfair to include a gymnast on this list. The very nature of their job requires them to be a sculpted pillar of pure muscle. But what the hell, here’s Christopher Remkes, our 2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist. Let hope we see lots more of Chris at the Tokyo 2020 Games!

29. Francisco Henriques 

This Portuguese Adonis is a model and the current face of the Paco Rabanne fragrance, Pure XS. The commercial has to be seen to be believed, but you’ll understand why Francisco made our list.

28. Eric Bana


He’s gotten his terrific tush out for films before, but it hasn’t always been fun and games. Bana had to strip off for multiple nudes scenes in The Time Traveller’s Wife, but he didn’t expect to have to contend with the freezing Toronto weather. “The nude scenes never felt magical. They felt like a pain in the arse” Eric said of the process. Thank you for suffering for your art Eric, we really appreciate it!

27. Cillian Murphy 


Is anyone else patiently waiting for more Peaky Blinders? Cillian Murphy was already a A-class actor before the gangster drama exploded on our television scenes, but he’s blown us all away with his portrayal of Tommy Shelby. Real talk, he’s 42 and still has a perfect butt? Is Cillian not ageing? Someone needs to look into this.

If you want to see something a little more cheeky, you should watch: Peaky Blinders

26. Patrick Dempsey aka ‘McDreamy’

The Doctor is in! It’s been years since Dr. Derek Shepard graced our screens in Grey’s Anatomy, but to be honest, it’s not Grey’s anatomy that we’re interested in – it’s Patrick’s!

25. Jamie Durie

Jamie retired from the internationally acclaimed all-male dance troupe Manpower Australia at the ripe old age…of 26. It seems those years of performing were enough to last a lifetime, because Jamie’s never lost his sculpted physique, or his perfect rear.

24. Channing Tatum

Maybe Jamie and Channing are onto something, because it seems as though dancing and stripping give you a fine physique for life!  Channing Tatum started his career as a stripper in Tampa, Florida before becoming a model. He modelled for big names like Abercrombie & Fitch, Dolce & Gabbana, Vogue and Emporio Armani before he landed his break out role in She’s The Man. He co-produced Magic Mike in 2012, a story based on his time spent stripping. You can now see Magic Mike Live  *faints* What a wonderful world we live in!

If you don’t have time to live the film, watch Channing’s recent video here and enjoy his cute 360 spin instead.

23. Ryan Reynolds

Not only is Ryan Reynolds one of the funniest men on the planet and a terrific actor, he’s also got a great bum. Maybe these three attributes were what landed him the role as Deadpool, the NSFW superhero with no filter and a substantial booty.

Want to check out Ryan’s rear : watch the DEADPOOL 2 Teaser Trailer

22. Godfrey Gao 

Hello Godfrey Gao, we love you and your butt! Godfrey is a Taiwanese-Canadian model and actor. He is the first Asian model ever to be signed by luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton (yay for inclusivity in fashion!)

You can catch more of gorgeous Godfrey on Instagram at: @godfreygao

21. Daniel Craig


He’s had a license to thrill for four Bond films, and we don’t plan to stop watching him and his bum! Daniel Craig has been a thoroughly suave and sexy Bond from the word go – or from the moment he left the water in those tiny swimming shorts in Casino Royale, whichever you prefer.

If you want to see Daniel in the full monty, watch: Some Voices (2000)

20. Prince Harry 

Prince Harry
(Credit: www.ravishingtheroyals.tumblr.com)

We know it’s against royal protocol to touch, but surely it’s ok to look? Prince Harry is due to become a father in April, but this just gives him added Dad Bod status. The royal behind is still lookin’ might fine!

19. ASAP Rocky 


Honestly, this recent Calvin Klein campaign is just the gift that keeps on giving. We are sweating just looking at ASAP (who’s real name is Rakim Mayers). In between rapping, songwriter, producing, acting and modelling, we don’t know how he finds time to fit all that in those jeans. But he has, and we’re all so blessed to be looking at the result.

18. James Franco


17. Simon Baker

Simon Baker
(Credit: Getty )

Watching Simon Baker surf in a skin-tight wetsuit and slope around in a series of fishermen’s jumpers while he played Sando in Breath was life-affirming. No word on a sequel from Tim Winton, but we can live in hope. 

16. Sam Heughan 

Sam Heughan’s bare bum makes up roughly 50% of Outlander. And that’s definitely a good thing.

15. Penn Badgley

He’s been extremely vocal about his latest role in the hit Netflix series YOU, telling us we shouldn’t romanticise the actions of his stalker character Joe. But we’re still allowed to romanticise your butt Penn, right?

14. Jason Momoa

By a show of hands, who went to see Aquaman purely for the storyline?

*no hands*

That’s what we thought. 

We were devastated when Jason’s character Khal Drogo ‘left’ Game of Thrones (no spoilers, but really, that was way back in season 2, if you haven’t caught up by now then what’s the matter with you?) But we can still appreciate his glorious behind on his Instagram @prideofgypsies. Especially in this video. Whoever took Jason indoor rock climbing, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

13. Gerard Butler

The man literally has ‘butt’ in his name. There’s a Facebook page dedicated to Gerard Butler’s Butt. If you’re not on board with this man’s behind, then we can’t be friends anymore.

12. Casey Conway

Casey Conway’s entire body is almost too much for one pair of eyes to drink in, let alone his perfect rump. We don’t know what we did to deserve him and his Instagram @casey_conway

11. Tom Daley

Remember, many attractive man butts ago now, when we said the Olympic swimmer body was, scientifically, the ideal male form? Well, Olympic divers are included in that statement – you remember British diver Tom Daley right? 

10. Donald Glover aka ‘Childish Gambino’

He’s a comedian, actor, writer, producer, rapper – the list continues. His lyrics are fire, and his track ‘This Is America’ won 13 awards and was nominated for a further 15. His name is Donald Glover/Childish Gambino and he’s got a sweet, sweet butt.

9. Idris Elba


You don’t get voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2018 if your butt game isn’t strong. And Idris’s butt game is strong. It was a joy watching him run around in the new season of Luther. Now, if we can just get him confirmed as the next James Bond, we’ll be able to watch his fabulous butt for the duration of four feature length films.

8. Tom Hardy


The thirst is real. 

Each time a new set of Tom Hardy nudes go viral, every red-blooded human being thanks their lucky stars. The last time we were blessed with Tom in the buff was when he was filming new scenes for television series Taboo. Tom, we’ve been really good so far this year, if you could see your way to posting some more pics of your naked bum we’d be eternally grateful. 

7. Sonny Bill Williams


We would literally let Sonny Bill Williams intercept a pass on purpose, just to watch him run away from us. We’d let it happen in a grand final, we’re not even joking.

6. Anthony Joshua

Oh Lord, have mercy. 

He’s currently the unified world heavyweight champion, but we still can’t look at him or his butt without having palpitations. Ladies and gentlemen, look at Anthony Joshua’s Instagram at your own risk.

5. Antoni Porowski

We’re not going to question where all these hot guys called some variation of Anthony are coming from, we’re just going to sit back and enjoy it. Antoni’s pretty much half the reason we watch Queer Eye. Every time he turns around and starts rummaging through some normal dude’s fridge, our hearts collectively soar. 

4. Will Smith 

If this scene from Bad Boyz II didn’t stir something deep inside of you, then you’re probably dead inside. Give us Will Smith’s butt in jeans, team that with non-existent shirt, and our lives are complete. 

3. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has a perfectly formed bum, ok? 

And if you need us to show our working, see Legends of the Fall, Troy, Mr & Mrs Smith – you know what, just watch his entire filmography.

2. John Hamm

John Hamm
(Credit: Getty )

John Hamm’s impressive manhood got so much press a few years back, that underwear companies were competing for his business. We think it’s only fair that now, his bum gets the love it deserves. It isn’t always about the Johnson you know! #manbuttlove

1. Justin Trudeau

In 2017, Canadian Prime Minister got the sort of press that politicians can only dream of. But it wasn’t due to his policies. It wasn’t because of a speech he gave.

Justin Trudeau went viral because of how goddamn tempting his butt looks in this pair of slacks. 

As soon as this picture hit the World Wide Web, people  promptly began to lose their cool.


No wonder people want to move to Canada. Justin Trudeau’s butt and all the maple syrup you can eat!

That’s enough sexy man butts for one day.

Time to drink a big cold glass of water and lie down.

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