Abbie Chatfield addresses clash with Brooke Blurton on her podcast

"I don't believe in cancel culture."
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Abbie Chatfield has further addressed her clash with Brooke Blurton on her podcast, It’s A Lot.

In a show of accountability for her actions, she and her guest, style influencer and LGBTIQA+ activist Deni Todorovič discussed the drama from the proceeding weeks, aiming to create an understanding of how Abbie had been blind to the white privilege called out by Brooke.

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A few weeks ago, Abbie was accused of taking attention away from Brooke’s Bachelorette finale by going public with her relationship with eliminated contestant Konrad Bien-Stephens after a video of the pair kissing in a pub was given to the media.

After the finale had aired, Brooke took to her Instagram Stories to explain the issue with the timing of Abbie’s announcement.

“I’m not a hostile person and literally do not have any hate in my heart. Everyone who watched the show or was on the show cast and/or working as crew, will know that I put my heart and soul into it and it meant a lot for me to open myself up so vulnerably like that. Not only that but for what it meant for the LGBTQIA+ and First Nations Community to have that display of representation,” she wrote of her season.

“Which moves onto my new point. The hardest point. For that to be tainted ONCE again by 1) What I thought was a close friend. 2) Another white woman displaying what white privilege looks like. 3) A very clear display of narcissism. Hurts me. Literally pains me.”

“I now understand the timing of publicly sharing our relationship should have been more considered and that is my fault.” (Credit: Instagram)

While Brooke did not name Abbie in the post, she confirmed in a second story that it was indeed Abbie she was talking about.

Abbie was quick to take to her own Instagram and apologise.

“I now understand the timing of publicly sharing our relationship should have been more considered and that is my fault. I acknowledge that impact outweighs intent. I didn’t take into account the Australian media landscape and the inherent privilege that I hold as a white woman,” she noted as part of the two-page apology.

Brooke with her winner, Darvid Garayeli (Credit: Instagram)

At the very beginning of their chat on It’s A Lot, Abbie and Deni confirmed that their interview had been pencilled in for quite some time with Deni confirming they wanted to discuss the backlash with Abbie.

Speaking to Deni, Abbie confirmed that she had been unaware of the impact her post would have had at the time she made it.

“I think people thought that it was a planned thing, that I waited for this date, but we literally were choosing the photos at lunch … we’d been papped quite a bit,” she said of her choice to make the post with Konrad.

“I didn’t think of the timing of the finale, and obviously through my other podcast, the recaps I had done, I understood the impact of this season, and the finale – we did a whole season on it.”

Abbie with her boyfriend, former contestant Konrad Bien-Stephens. (Credit: Instagram)

“But, I didn’t understand – I was neglectful in not thinking about the impacts of me as a white woman in the media, and a public figure, uploading that during that time, so that was very neglectful, it was a mistake, I wish I had waited three more days… that is what occurred,” Abbie said.

She also took a moment to explain the impact of her own white privilege.

“The white privilege … is me not thinking about the impacts of that post to the community. I knew the importance, but I didn’t think my actions would affect that,” she explained.

Abbie’s guest, Deni Todorovič, helped the audience come to an understanding regarding the privilege involved. (Credit: Instagram)

Deni also gave their insight into the situation.

“First thing’s first, is there anything wrong or shameful with you falling in love with someone months after they were on this show? Absolutely not…” they said.

They also reiterated that it was unfortunate that the video had been leaked, but conceded that Abbie’s post had been poorly timed.

“I know that that announcement did not come with malicious intent, but irrespective of your intent, it’s always going to put Brooke one notch below you. So, the way I approach this is with accountability and action. I don’t believe in cancel culture,” they said.

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“You’ve been accountable, you’ve done your statement – it was very well-worded, and I would expect nothing less of you … you’ve welcomed this conversation today, more accountability, now it’s up to you for action – you know now the inequality and the inaction…” they explained.

Deni also affirmed that they felt Abbie could grow from this experience and go on to lead by example.

“I have been a long admirer of yours, you … have become one of the strongest voices of our generation. Your activism is something that you use not only in your social media realm, but this is just how you exist, and people who know you know that,” they told her.

“And, you’re in love, you’re allowed to be in love,” they laughed.

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