Andie MacDowell doesn’t care what you think about her grey hair

"I'm tired of trying to be young!"
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Andie MacDowell has given a refreshing take on aging in Hollywood during a recent interview with Katie Couric. 

The Groundhog Day actress shared how she felt more like herself since choosing to go grey – and that she doesn’t care what fans think of her decision. 

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“How old do you think I look?” Andie asked Katie. “I’m going to be 65. What do you think I look, 75, just because I let my hair go grey? I don’t care. I want to be old.”

“I’m tired of trying to be young. I don’t want to be young, I’ve been young.”

Andie Macdowell
“I’m tired of trying to be young.” (Credit: Getty)

The Four Weddings and a Funeral star explained that keeping up with other health and beauty practices was already consuming enough of her time and that she didn’t have the energy for something so trivial. 

“To be an older person trying to be young, what an effort,” she said. “I just can’t keep up the charade! I can’t!”

Andie Macdowell
“I just can’t keep up the charade! I can’t!” (Credit: Getty)

Not only did Andie share that she didn’t “care” anymore to keep up with dying her hair, she also revealed the surprising side of embracing her natural salt-and-pepper locks. 

“As it was growing out, my eyes popped and the colour of them looked a little different. My skin looked better,” she explained. “It empowered me more. I felt more powerful and I felt more genuine and I felt more myself.”

Andie Macdowell
“It empowered me more.” (Credit: Getty)

She also admitted it was a move she had been wanting to make for years, but was frequently talked out of embracing her natural colour. 

“It was something I wanted young, at a younger age, I thought that it would suit me,” she said. “I thought it would look good on my face. And when it started growing out during COVID, I saw I was right…It looks good on me.”

Whilst admitting she may change her mind in the future, Andie explained that it was the great side of beauty, “we have a lot of options.” 

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