Andy Lee teases proposal plans for partner Bec Harding

"I'm a bit old school."
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Andy Lee joined Kyle and Jackie O on air this morning and opened up on the future of his relationship with Bec Harding. 

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The couple, who have been together since 2014 have recently returned from a European holiday, which sent the rumour mill into overdrive with fans speculating the trip would end with a proposal. 

“Do you hate it?” Jackie O asked Andy about the pressure on their relationship, but before Andy could reply Kyle jumped in revealing that he was surprised Andy hadn’t proposed yet. 

“I’m just waiting for Bec to do it!” (Credit: Instagram)

“I’m just waiting for Bec to do it!” Andy joked before Jackie O asked if there was a chance Bec would get down on one knee. 

“Would she actually do it?” she asked, with Andy responding that “she might do it – yes!” 

However, Andy was quick to clear up any future proposal plans, explaining that he doesn’t think Bec would be the one to propose. 

“I’m a bit old school, but I think I’m safe because she’s pretty old school as well” he shared.

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Kyle went on to share that he had a conversation with his partner, Tegan Kynaston about how he wanted to be the one to propose, claiming that he “had to tell my missus – don’t go popping down on one knee!”

Andy further explained that Bec was “more traditional anyway” when it came to proposals and weddings, joking that he needs time to “organise the flash mob in a public area.”

The Hundred host also revealed the hilarious prank he has been banned from pulling on Bec, explaining how he would fake propose anytime he saw paparazzi – including a time at the Sydney Airport luggage carousel and when they were walking their dog. 

Andy admitted the pair were pretty “old school”. (Credit: Instagram)

Andy also re-shared how he and Bec met, explaining that she was a waitress at a cafe and that he had left a note with his email on the napkin. 

“She didn’t contact me for 48 hours” he shared, revealing that Bec had actually thrown the note away before a friend convinced her to give it a go. 

The notoriously private couple are often at the centre of engagement rumours and many people believe that Andy may have secretly popped the question already. 

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