Australian Survivor fans accuse TV producers of ‘rigging’ the show

Harry's 'miraculous' immunity has fans fuming.
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Fans of Australian Survivor have accused the show’s producers and film crew of rigging Tuesday night’s episode.

Viewers accused them of pointing Perth ice-cream maker, Harry Hills, to the ‘immunity idol’ and called the ‘miraculous’ discovery ‘rigged’. 

WATCH: Australian Survivor rocked by ‘cheating’ scandal after Harry Hills finds hidden immunity idol

Prior to discovering the highly coveted amulet, Harry Hills wasn’t having much luck and was close to losing his alliances.

“If I want any chance of controlling the votes going forward, I need to get back in control of my game,’ he said as he sat in the Fijian jungle.

“I need strength on my side. I basically need to find a hidden immunity idol as soon as possible,” he continued.

It was more than clear that Harry desperately needed the object, however, he continued to discuss it.

“Without a clue, it’s really hard. So, I need to utilize all of my skills to find it,” the 30-year-old stressed.

Just moments later, as he walked down a path, he spotted an item in a palm tree.

Using a stick to obtain the object, the Australian Survivor star discovered that it was the immunity idol. 

australian survivor
Australian Survivor fans accused them of pointing Perth ice-cream maker, Harry Hills, to the ‘immunity idol’ and called the ‘miraculous’ discovery ‘rigged’. (Credit: Channel 10)

“Not only could this save me in the game, but I am a huge Survivor fan,” Harry said, over the moon at his find.

“Having this is such an accomplishment and I am so happy to have this in my hands, because it is mine,” he continued, “I thought it was me gone but now I am staying in this game.”

However, as Harry rolled around on the ground in joy, viewers were not impressed.

The Contender’s controversial discovery had Australian Survivor fans calling out the film crew on Twitter for pointing him in the right direction.

“Another immunity idol “miraculously” appears on #SurvivorAU Too convenient!” wrote one viewer.

“Is this rigged? Harry stares up in the big blue yonder hoping to find an idol and there you go, he finds one,” another person tweeted.

Shockingly, the official Australian Survivor Twitter account responded to a fan who claimed the producers or film crew intervened, tweeting: “Sorry, but do you want to watch someone searching for an idol for hours? Hardly compelling TV is it?”

Australian Survivor Champions Vs. Contenders airs Sunday night from 7.30pm on Channel 10 

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