Bachelor Jimmy’s final four revealed

Jay, Brooke, Holly and Carlie reveal why they should get the last rose.
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After weeks of dates, we’re finally down to our top four on The Bachelor. Here’s what Jay, Brooke, Holly and Carlie had to say about main man Jimmy Nicholson and why they think he should pick them.

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Jay, 31, NSW

Why should Bachelor Jimmy pick you?

We get along in so many facets of life and it never feels forced between us. I’m sure it feels the same for him. I think we complement one another and I can definitely see a life with Jimmy outside the mansion.

When did you realise Jimmy could be The One?

From the moment at our first cocktail party when I gave him some stick for not knowing how to play chess and he came straight back saying we should learn to play together.

Do you have a nickname for him?

Yes, there are a couple of names we call him. My favourites are “Jimothy” and “Jimbob”. Australians love to give someone a nickname!

If he doesn’t give you the final rose, who should it be?

I think out of the top four we’re all very different women, but if I had to chose I’d say Carlie. She’s so kind-hearted and genuine, and she’s really fun. If I was the Bachelor, she’d be my choice!

“I think we complement one another and I can definitely see a life with Jimmy outside the mansion.” (Credit: Ten)

Brooke, 27, Vic

When did you realise you shared a special connection?

When we hit turbulence during the flight on our first date. I was extremely nervous, but he was so good at keeping me calm. He’s also a lot of fun. I love that it’s easy to annoy and tease him.

Is he husband material?

He’s affectionate, kind and a good listener. There’s a spark between us, too. All great qualities!

Why should he pick you?

He gets me and respects me. I came on the show to find my dream man. I hope that I have!

“I came on the show to find my dream man. I hope that I have!” (Credit: Ten)

Holly, 27, NSW

Can you tell us something we don’t know about Jimmy?

Did you know he’s a pilot! He’s actually very cheeky, he has a dry wit and loves banter. He’s a lot of fun.

What’s been the hardest thing about being on the show?

The fear of ending up being heartbroken at the end, especially after developing such a crush on Jimmy early on.

When did you realise he could be The One?

I knew I was in trouble from our first single date. The feelings were intense from the get-go for me, the chemistry between us is electric.

Holly developed a crush on Jimmy early on. (Credit: Ten)

Carlie, 33, Vic

Why should Jimmy choose you?

We get along on a different level and we’re really comfortable around one another. Our values and lifestyles are really in sync, too.

How would you describe Jimmy?

He’s really restored my faith that great, caring men still exist. He’s really emotionally intelligent and he genuinely cares.

If he doesn’t choose you, who should he pick?

Definitely Holly. She’s warm, thoughtful and smart. She’s also stunning and funny. She’s the total package.

Carlie says her and Jimmy’s values and lifestyles are really in sync. (Credit: Ten)
Who will win? (Credit: Ten)

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