Bachelor in Paradise cast share their secrets

This year's singles share how they got beach-body ready and what they're looking for.
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As another season of Bachelor in Paradise kicks off, we get to know the contestants and who they’ve got their eye on.

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Ciarran Stott, 25, VIC – ‘I’m ready for anything!’

This English lad broke our hearts when he left Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette early in 2019 due to his ill grandmother. But now the loveable larrikin is back, and Stott is front and centre of all the drama.

He doesn’t deny it either. He recently told a UK newspaper he’s not expecting to get “the best edit” on the show and that he’s going to go from “Australia’s sweetheart to Australia’s bad boy”.

That his ex-girlfriend Renee Barrett (from Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor) is rumoured to be joining the cast could have something to do with his erratic behaviour. But Stott tells WHO he’s actually hoping to meet Tenille Favios – from The Bachelor 2018 and Bachelor in Paradise 2019 – in Fiji.

“I’ve got my eye on her,” he admits.

As for any special preparations before heading to Fiji, fitness fanatic Stott says he’s “always” beach-body ready, so didn’t change up his routine beforehand. He says he’s returning to find love, but has his qualms.

“It didn’t work last time so we’ll have to see what happens,” he says. “I’m ready for anything to happen. Bring it on!” 

Ciarran is back, and is front and centre of all the drama. (Credit: Ten)

Brittany Hockley, 32, NSW – ‘This is out of my comfort zone’

Jaws dropped when 2018 Bachelor Nick Cummins stood up both Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman. Now, Hockley is back for a second chance at love – and she and Timm Hanly form quite the connection. Not that Hockley’s spilling any beans – yet.

“I’m pretty cruisy and get along with most people,” she tells WHO. “I’m here because I genuinely want to meet someone. I try to say yes to opportunities when they present themselves because I think the best things can come when you’re out of your comfort zone. This is definitely me, out of my comfort zone – but the offer of a holiday and buffet persuaded me!”

Hockley says while she worked out regularly in the lead-up to BIP, that fell by the wayside on the island.

“It was like being in a vacuum when we were filming Paradise,” she says. “All I did was eat, drink and roll around in sand!” 

“I’m here because I genuinely want to meet someone.” (Credit: Ten)

Jake Ellis, 33, QLD – ‘Helena has caught my eye’

After enjoying two relationships directly related to his previous Bachelor in Paradise experience in 2018, Ellis says he’s not heading to Fiji for a free holiday – or a one-night stand.

“I’m not looking for a casual hook-up, Ellis tells WHO. “I’ve grown up a lot over the years. I want the relationship, I want love and I want to be happy.”

He says he’s also hoping to start a family sooner rather than later.

“I want two kids. I haven’t thought of names yet but I think they will be gorgeous, intelligent, talented kids. Who doesn’t though?”

Ellis came close to his happy-ever-after during his two-year relationship with Megan Marx, who he met during his last stint on the show.

“We were in love, it was very real to me,” he says. “It was heartbreaking when that ended.”

Not that there are any hard feelings. Ellis remains close to both Marx and 2016 Bachelorette Georgia Love. He finished third runner-up in that season of the show.

In preparation for his second stint in Fiji, Ellis says he headed back to the gym.

“I had let it slide but I began training every day and started eating healthily again before Fiji.”

He admits one contender has caught his eye.

“Helena [Sauzier] seems really down to earth and has a good sense of humour too. I’ve noticed her for sure …”

“Helena [Sauzier] seems really down to earth and has a good sense of humour too. I’ve noticed her for sure …” (Credit: Ten)

Abbie Chatfield, 24, QLD – ‘I’m crushing on Ciarran’

Despite being cast as a villain during Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor in 2019, Chatfield says she was left “heartbroken” after finishing runner-up to Chelsie McLeod.

“I feel like my first go trying to find love on reality TV was consumed by drama and pressure,” she tells WHO. “I want a second chance.”

Chatfield has made no secret of the fact she’s smitten by ‘naughty boy’ Ciarran Stott.

“I’ve got a massive crush on him,” she laughs. “He seems super funny, he’s confident in himself but he also seems emotionally mature and secure. But you never know who you’ll vibe with until you meet.”

As for getting island ready, Chatfield says she’s been working hard.

“I’ve been doing an F45 challenge but nothing too extreme. I eat whatever I want and I definitely haven’t had any surgery or enhancements.”

Regarding what’s she’s looking for long-term, Chatfield says she won’t leave Fiji in a long-distance relationship. “I think we’ve all seen my beach pashes with Todd King [from 2018’s The Bachelorette] but with the distance we didn’t see it going any further than a holiday fling. I’m looking for someone I can start a life with.”

“I’ve got a massive crush on him,” Abbie says of Ciarran. (Credit: Ten)

Jamie Doran, 40, NSW – ‘I’m ready to commit’

He was completely smitten by Angie Kent during last year’s season of The Bachelorette but Doran has moved on.

“I don’t think I put my best foot forward on the show last year,” he tells WHO. “I have a lot more to offer.”

Doran is hoping to offer his heart to Tenille Favios should she arrive in Fiji – and would go as far as offering a ‘commitment ring’ if they gel.

“I’m ready for love,” he says.

Jamie’s hoping he’ll see Tenille on the island. (Credit: Ten)

Brittney Weldon, 26, QLD – ‘I’m avoiding Ivan!’

This conga-line love fan favourite is determined to find her perfect match this time around.

“I still haven’t found love, either on TV or in real life,” she tells WHO. “It’s got to be third time lucky, right?”

While Weldon says she’s friends with many of her previous castmates and has even “hooked up with a few”, there is one ex she wants to steer clear of in Fiji.

“I really hope Ivan [Krslovic] – obviously – isn’t there. No thanks!”

Weldon was blind-sided when Krslovic dumped her for Tenille Favios during last year’s season of Bachelor in Paradise.

“I want a relationship please,” she says. “I want to get married – once.”

“It’s got to be third time lucky, right?” (Credit: Ten)

Niranga Amarasinghe, 28, QLD – ‘I can’t deal with Jamie’

This contender has been through his fair share of heartache. Not only was he left without a rose midway through Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette but, he tells WHO, he once had his heart broken in the worst way.

“They stole money from me,” he says. “It took a long time to get over.”

Amarasinghe says he’s up for hanging out with anyone in Fiji – except Jamie Doran.

“I just can’t deal with him at all,” he says.

Bad luck Niranga, Jamie’s here! (Credit: Ten)

Helena Sauzier, 25, WA – ‘Jake is gorgeous!’

She just missed out on capturing Bachelor Matt Agnew’s heart but Sauzier says she’s over that disappointment now.

“I’m most attracted to Carlin [Sterritt], Glenn [Smith] and I think Jake [Ellis] is gorgeous too,” Sauzier tells WHO. But she’s hoping to avoid “the mean girls from my season” in Fiji.

“I just can’t cope with them,” she adds. As for getting herself ready to look for love on a tropical island, Sauzier has been working hard.

“I haven’t had any surgery or anything but I’ve been working out every day, and eating well, which I usually do anyway,” she says. “I’m ready!”

Could Helena and Jake be the next hot couple? (Credit: Ten)

Timm Hanly, 27, VIC – ‘Angie was The One’

Even though she broke his heart, Hanly says he bears last year’s Bachelorette Angie Kent no ill will.

“I had a little taste of what love is like,” Hanly tells WHO. “That time I had with her made me realise that I’m ready to give my heart to someone and that it was real love.”

Despite seemingly falling hard for Brittany Hockley in the Bachelor in Paradise trailers, Hanly says there’s another girl he’d like to meet.

“Shannon [Baff, from The Bachelor 2018] has got a super cool vibe.”

“I had a little taste of what love is like.” (Credit: Ten)

Mary Viturino, 32, VIC – ‘I would say yes on TV!’

This contender is not messing about – Viturino says she would “totally” accept a proposal in Paradise should one be forthcoming.

“I wouldn’t pop the question myself,” she tells WHO, “but if the feelings were there and someone asked I would say yes for sure!”

Viturino, who hilariously narrated much of The Bachelor last year, says she “hit the gym pronto” as soon as she found out she would be going to Fiji. She adds that, after a bad break-up from her ex husband, she’s looking for “a nice guy to settle down with.”

Mary’s ready to settle down. (Credit: Ten)

Cassandra Mamone, 34, SA – ‘I’m after love or a great tan’

She didn’t get a happily ever after on Matt Agnew’s season but this contestant isn’t here to mess around and get involved with drama.

“My last relationship was short, approximately eight months and unfortunately ended due to dishonesty,” she tells WHO.

As for what she’s looking for in Paradise, Mamone has a plan B if love doesn’t work out.

“Hoping for the best, that would be love. Next would be a great tan.”

“My last relationship was short, approximately eight months and unfortunately ended due to dishonesty,” Cassandra confesses. (Credit: Ten)

Glenn Smith, 32, WA – ‘Helena is stunningly beautiful’

It seems like Helena has her list of admirers with Smith, who starred on Angie’s season joining her list of suitors.

“She is stunningly beautiful and very intelligent,” the season five Bachelorette contestant reveals to WHO.

Getting beach body ready for the ladies required just one key element though.

“Gym, gym and gym,” Smith reveals when quizzed about how he physically prepared for Paradise.

Glenn’s got his eye on Helena! (Credit: Ten)

Janey Birks, 30, QLD – ‘I’m all about that fairytale action!’

Fans may not recognise Birks straight away but the former season four Bachelor star is still ready for love despite not finding it with Richie Strahan.

“I would love to make a genuine, lasting connection,” she tells WHO adding that she’s prepared for marriage should a proposal come her way.

“Omg absolutely! I am a hopeless romantic and I am all about that fairytale action.”

“I am a hopeless romantic,” divulges Janey. (Credit: Ten)

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