Are Jamie and Helena this year’s Bachelor in Paradise hot couple?

After Helena Sauzier shared an image with her Bachelor in Paradise co-star Jamie Doran, fans have a feeling this could be a potential couple.
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Bachelor in Paradise is fast approaching, but did two of the contestants unintentionally reveal that they’re dating?

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Helena Sauzier, who came in third place on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor, shared an adorable selfie featuring her co-star Jamie Doran – the “stage five clinger” of Angie Kent’s Bachelorette season.

In the photo shared on Helena’s Instagram Stories and re-posted on Jamie’s, the pair smile sweetly at the camera captioned “You!!”

The snap was uncovered by a member of Facebook fan group The Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bach in Paradise Australia Fans who captioned a screenshot: “Even though I don’t believe they’re together I could back this strangely. Wasn’t so much a fan of either but didn’t dislike either of them so they just need to have some babies now and be done with it”.

Helena and Jamie
Just friends or something more? (Credit: Instagram)

Whilst many agreed that Helena and Jamie were most likely just friends, others couldn’t help but admit they’d make a good romantic couple.

“I sure hope there together coz they’d make a perfect couple,” one fan commented.

This pair up is so bizarre it might just work,” another weighed in.

One remarked: “They both beat to the rhythm of their own drum so if they are together (now that I think of it) they’re suited”.

Jamie and Helena
“This pair up is so bizarre it might just work.” (Credit: Network 10)

In a recent trailer, Jamie was shown promising roses to an array of female contestants – including Helena.

“I believe having a rose is more stressful than where you don’t have a rose,” an exasperated Jamie says in the sneak preview.

Even his fellow contestants can’t help but comment on Jamie’s generosity.

“I think Jamie thinks he’s the Bachelor. He’s promising these roses to all these girls…” Timm Hanly muses.

“Oh, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie… he’s promised roses to everyone. What’s he going to give each person… a petal?” adds Brittney Weldon.

Helena and Jamie
Who will Jamie give his roses to? (Credit: Network 10)

Along with Helena and Jamie, other franchise favourites heading to Paradise include Abbie Chatfield, Ciarran Stott, Brittany Hockley and Timm Hanly.

The only two romances confirmed are those of Abbie and Ciarran and Brittany and Tim, respectively, both of whom share passionate kisses in the trailers.

However, despite being the class clown and lovable larrikin last year, Ciarran is rumoured to be the villain of Paradise.

Guess we’ll have to watch this space!

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