WATCH: Bachelor In Paradise BOMBSHELL… “I was left alone to go through something massive that no woman should have to”

Richie's "at peace" with his decision
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We did not see this coming.


Alex Nation and Richie Strahan‘s first meeting on Bachelor In Paradise since their split in 2017 was intense and heartbreaking to say the least.

The lengthy confrontation came down to Richie “not being there” for Alex in a time of need.

Exactly what that time of need was, can only be speculated at this time.

“When I needed you the most, when I needed you – and you know what I’m talking about,” Alex said to her ex, after initial bouncing playing a game of he said, she said.

“Look Alex,” he replied, “I’ve explained to you in length, how are you supposed to umm… how am I supposed to make dates and jump through hoops when it’s impossible, when you’re changing the goal posts every couple of days.”

The single mum then confirmed, “I’m talking about a single time.”

“I know exactly what you’re talking about Alex and I know exactly what you’re trying to say and it’s not like that. We talked about this on the phone for hours in length,” he said in response.

Alex said they spoke on the phone at length because she was “hurt and upset” over this specific incident, but Rich claimed to incident was “completely out of my control.”

“How is it out of your control to get on a plane and come and see me during a really personal time that involved both of us,” she said.

“Because I was away working, Alex. I was on a mine site,” Richie hit back.

But Alex wasn’t taking his excuses lying down. “So you couldn’t get on a plane knowing where I had to be and what I had to… I was left alone to go through something massive that no woman should have to…”

But Richie stood firm. “Like I said, Alex, I’ve come to terms with it – I’m at peace with all my actions.”

Richie and Alex.
Richie and Alex. (Credit: Channel 10)

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