“I’m very much in love!” Holly Langford reveals she’s dating her Bachelorette co-star Millie Rubio

Holly shares the sweet story of their first date.

They didn’t find love with Brooke Blurton, but it turns out recently eliminated contestant Holly Langford has fallen for Millie Rubio. Can you even with this cuteness?

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Holly was eliminated from The Bachelorette Australia in soul-destroying scenes on Wednesday night, following a heart-to-heart with Brooke about their future. While Brooke is adamant she wants kids, Holly isn’t quite as sure. And when the subject of moving cities to be with one another came up, things took a bit of a turn.

“We hadn’t spoken about that before and we spoke about it the first chance we could, but it’s just a shame that it happened to be when a strong connection had already been formed,” Holly tells WHO. “It’s hard, you’re talking about things you wouldn’t discuss until way further into the relationship [in the real world] and you’ve got to be a bit realistic.”

Watching the episode with her mum and a glass of wine last night, Holly admits it was “tough” to relive the hurt as she said a tearful goodbye to Brooke. 

“I had really strong feelings for Brooke, but time has definitely helped and I just hope she’s found the one she’s looking for.”

Holly, meanwhile, has shared that months after filming wrapped she’s head over heels for her co-star Millie.

“I’m very much in love!” Holly tells WHO of their blossoming romance, after sharing their news with 10 following her elimination. 

holly and brooke
Brooke and Holly’s relationship wasn’t meant to be. (Credit: 10)

“It’s weird [to talk about] I’m like… this is allowed? To be public now?” Holly tells WHO of opening up on their romance. “I’m so happy, you know I went on the show looking for love and I didn’t find it with Brooke sadly, but I have come out and built on the friendship I had with Millie in the house. And I’m very much in love with her. She’s stuck with me now.”

Holly also reveals that their first date was somewhat impromptu, with a sweet propoisiton from her now-girlfriend.

“Millie’s probably going to kill me for saying this. But we were on a walk and she turns to me and she’s like ‘oh, this could be a date if you wanted it to be?’ and I was like ‘hell yeah!’ So that was a very ‘testing the waters’ kind of way to go about it, as we girls do,” Holly says.

Now that she’s officially out of the running for Brooke’s heart on TV, Holly can enjoy the simple things like going out for dinner in public with Millie.

“I’m just excited to do normal things like go for a walk and get a drink in public, introducing her to my friends and just normal relationship things like that.”

holly and millie
Holly and Millie found love after The Bachelorette. (Credit: 10)

Not to mention, Holly is excited to share her romance with fellow Bachelorette stars.

“The friendships that you form in the house…  I don’t think I was prepared for how quickly and strongly they’d be created,” she says. “So being able to share our relationship now, with everyone who we went through the experience with, is going to be wonderful.”

You’ve gotta love a good Bachie success story.

While Holly confirmed that her emotional split from Brooke was very real – “two hearts broke that night” she told 10 – it obviously wasn’t meant to be. So, who will Brooke be giving the final rose to in The Bachelorette Australia finale?

Revealing that the final two, Jamie-Lee Dayz and Darvid Garayeli were her closest friends in the mansion, Holly tells WHO she would be excited for either to win Brooke’s heart in the finale tonight.

“I am going to be thrilled no matter what way it goes tonight, I think the sun shines out of both their butts and I couldn’t have picked a better top two for Brooke to choose from.”

the bachelorette top two
Darvid Garayeli and Jamie-Lee Dayz are Brooke’s Top 2. (Credit: 10)

At the moment, all signs point to Darvid. He received the white rose at the first cocktail party, securing the first date, and his connection with Brooke has only gone from strength to strength. 

Darvid is currently tipped to win on SportsBet – a hint that the winner has been leaked – and was allegedly seen with Brooke at his home in Melbourne a couple of week’s ago. Very intriguing. We’ll find out for sure when The Bachelorette returns for its Grand Finale tonight!

The Bachelorette Australia finale airs Thursday, 7:30pm, on 10.

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