Bella Varelis sparks debate over shady new post

And it was all because of some roses.
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Fans have hit back at Bachelor runner-up Bella Varelis after she uploaded a series of Valentine’s Day posts.

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On Monday, the 26-year-old shared a photo of a beautiful bouquet of flowers she received from her new beau.

“Also can we just appreciate that he made sure there were no red roses anywhere,” she captioned the Instagram Story. “He just gets me.”

Bella then followed with a close up of rose petals on the bed, and wrote: “Because pink is better than red.”

However, fans were confused and concerned that she had labelled the colour of the roses as pink – when they are very clearly red.

bella varelis
Bella’s post fired up a debate on whether her “pink” roses were actually red. (Credit: Instagram)

Many were quick to call out that the roses appear to be very much a red colour, but Bella came back with her own response.

“Guys some of you are killing me. I think I know what colour the roses are and the ones you are saying are red are pink… PINK. Some of you are so negative,” she wrote.

It seems she still holds a slight grudge against The Bachelor series, refusing to accept  – and admit to – having any red roses in her life.

bella veralis
“Some of you are so negative.” (Credit: Instagram)

Bella has been rumoured to be dating Sydney photographer and fellow influencer, Will Stokoe, after the two were recently caught sharing some smooches at Balmoral Beach.

Whilst the social media influencer has not confirmed his identity, she has been sneakily including snaps of him on social media.

“Spoilt rotten last night,” she shared in a post, which featured a glimpse of a man’s leg as she sat next to him for a romantic dinner.

bella and will
Bella has been rumoured to be dating Will Stokoe, who is a fellow influencer as well as a photographer. (Credit: Instagram)

When she was recently asked in an Instagram Q&A whether she and her Bachelor co-star and friend Bec Cvilikas where off the market, she avoided a direct answer, and said: “I’m not dating anyone from the reality world.”

She’s yet to make it Instagram official with Will, but at least we have the colour of roses to keep us occupied.

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