7 movies to watch right now if you love Ryan Gosling

Think he's just Ken? Think again!
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We get it. Ryan Gosling is kind of a big deal.

Sure, he has jumped back on the silver screen in his starring role as Ken in Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated Barbie film alongside Margot Robbie, but we have been keeping a close eye on the Canadian heartthrob ever since he broke our hearts as Noah Calhoun in The Notebook back in 2004. 

The 42-year-old is a true A-list celeb, starring in a steady stream of blockbusters for over a decade alongside some of Hollywood’s best and earning himself a dedicated fan base across the globe in the process. 

Despite his status as one of the dreamiest men in Hollywood, Ryan has kept much of his private life out of the public eye, choosing to keep details of his marriage to actress Eva Mendez and information about his two daughters behind closed doors. 

Watch Below: Barbie “Just Ken” Song

But, if you are anything like us, seeing Ryan perfectly embody The “Kenassancee” as of late has thrown you right back into your Fan girl era. Which is why we have rounded up the seven best Ryan Gosling movies to stream right now to get your celeb-crush-fix. 

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7. The Place Beyond The Pines

In pursuit of a content existence alongside his child and lover, a daredevil biker takes on the role of a thief, inadvertently capturing the interest of a vigilant law enforcement officer. Their fates intertwine, setting them on a collision course that reverberates through the lives of their loved ones.’

Why do we love this 2013 movie so much? Because we can watch Ryan and Eva Mendes fall in love…in real life! This was the film that started it all, with the couple meeting on set and quickly becoming one of our favourite Holywood romances. 

“I wasn’t thinking about kids before I met her, but after I met Eva, I realized that I just didn’t want to have kids without her,” Ryan told GQ May 2023. “And there were moments on The Place Beyond the Pines where we were pretending to be a family, and I didn’t really want it to be pretend anymore. I realized that this would be a life I would be really lucky to have.” 

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6. The Nice Guys

Amelia, a young girl concealed from danger, enlists the services of Healy to mislead March, a determined detective relentlessly pursuing her. When two hired assassins attempt to extract Amelia’s location from Healy, he reluctantly joins forces with March, driven by genuine worry, to locate her and ensure her safety.

Ryan Gosling is joined by Russell Crow and Angourie Rice in the 2016 Action/Crime flick that earnt amazing reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and Flicks. 

The best part though? Ryan Gosling and his luscious, luscious moustache. 

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5. Blade Runner 2049

K, a dedicated officer within the Los Angeles Police Department, discovers a concealed truth with the potential to sow absolute disorder. Driven by the urgency of the situation, he embarks on a quest to locate a former blade runner who vanished more than three decades ago.

Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford together in the same movie. Enough said. 

But really, this 2017 long-awaited sequel has a stellar cast, with Ana de Armas and Jared Leto joining Ryan for an epic neo-noir science fiction film.

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4. The Gray Man 

A clandestine operative, unknown to all, who stands as the CIA’s prized asset, stumbles upon classified information within the agency, setting off a worldwide manhunt as his former colleague unleashes a legion of assassins to track him down.

Based on the debut novel by Mark Greaney, The Gray Man is a blockbuster action/thriller. Starring Ryan Gosling, Ana de Aramsa and Chris Evans, this 2022 Netflix original quickly became one of our favourites. 

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3. La La Land

As Sebastian, a skilled pianist, and Mia, a talented actress, pursue their individual passions and taste triumph in their respective domains, they become entangled in a bittersweet predicament: torn between their affection for one another and the demands of their flourishing careers.

This movie won a ton of awards when it was released in 2016 and we can definitely see why. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling reunited for this film and the chemistry is truly off the charts. 

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2. The Notebook

Every day, Duke faithfully recites the tale of Allie and Noah to Ms. Hamilton, an elderly woman afflicted with dementia, as he reads from his notebook. The poignant story depicts the heartrending love between the two souls, tragically torn apart by the forces of destiny.

Based on the heart-wrenching novel by Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook is the film that saw Ryan Gosling become Hollywod’s leading man. Starring opposite Rachel McAdams, this movie has it all: heartbreak, insane chemistry and an ending that will have you in tears. 

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1. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Cal, a man in his middle years, is devastated when his wife requests a divorce. Struggling to mend his broken heart, he reluctantly succumbs to the persuasion of his newfound companion, Jacob, and begins seeking solace in the company of women he meets at a local bar.

We get it, some may think it’s controversial to place this higher than The Notebook. But this 2011 Romantic Comedy is Ryan Gosling at his best. Hot. Funny. And full of charm. Extra points for crazy chemistry with Emma Stone again. 

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