Who can we expect to see on Big Brother Back to the Future?

Find out if your favourites are returning.
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Big Brother VIP is right around the corner, and with the likes of Caitlyn Jenner, Thomas Markle Jr., Jessika Power and more entering the luxury hotel, it’s bound to make for interesting viewing.

But while this celebrity season is at the front of our minds, Channel Seven is cooking up a Big Brother: Back To The Future spinoff for 2022, featuring some very familiar former housemates.

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Most Big Brother fans agree that the golden age of the franchise was back in the early 2000s and early 2010s. So it’s really no surprise that the network is bringing back old housemates to give viewers that dose of nostalgia they so desperately crave.

Whether it be Merlin Luck’s gripping eviction night protest, Tully and Drew’s infamous romance, or even the Oats A La Layla song, there are some moments that will forever go down in Australian Big Brother history.

So, is there a chance we will get to relive the glory days? Just who is making a return to the digs they once called home?

Well, according to The Wash, some of the cast has already been leaked. Scroll on to find out if your favourites are returning.

(Credit: Ten)

Reggie Bird

According to the publication, 2003 winner Reggie Bird is rumoured to be returning.

(Credit: Ten)

Trevor Butler

As is 2004 winner, Trevor Butler.

(Credit: Nine)

Estelle Landy

The publication also insists they “have it on good authority” that 2012’s Estelle Landy will be making a return.

(Credit: Nine)

Layla Subritzky

As will Oats A La Layla inspiration Layla Subritzky, from the same season.

(Credit: Nine)

Tim Dormer

The publication also lists 2013 winner Tim Dormer as a returning contestant. If it’s true, this will be his third appearance on a Big Brother show after his 2016 jaunt in Canada.

(Credit: Nine)

Tully Smythe and Anthony Drew

Now THIS is what we were waiting for.

Apparently both Tully and Drew (from the 2013 season) signed up to make a return to the show that housed their infamous romance.

The publication confirmed that Drew is in the house but, apparently, despite being scheduled to attend arrivals night, Tully didn’t show up.

The Wash did speculate that perhaps the BB alum will be making an appearance later in the competition to surprise Drew. Hmm, well… they do say history repeats itself.

We’ll keep you updated…

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