Will Big Brother’s Tim Dormer and Tully Smyth get along in the house?

“Gosh does she press my buttons.”
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There’s a certain danger in re-entering the Big Brother House – when you lived in such close quarters with a bunch of people for so long, it’s probably expected that there’s someone you don’t want to see.

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But with a bunch of fan-favourites headed back into the House this year to celebrate Big Brother’s 21st birthday, we might be witnessing a clash or two.

We know that Tully Smyth is going to encounter her ex, Anthony Drew, but another housemate also admitted they weren’t too keen to catch up with the season 10 bombshell.

“The producers asked me if there was anyone I wouldn’t want to do the show with,” former winner Tim Dormer admitted to our sister site, TV Week.

“I said Tully,” he laughed.

“It’s like we’re brother and sister, I love her like family but gosh does she press my buttons.”

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Will it be Tim vs Tully this season? (Credit: Channel Seven)

So, is there a feud between Tully and Tim?

From what we can see, not really – but the pair butted heads on their season.

A clip of Tim nominating Tully for elimination in their first season has resurfaced as audiences prepared to see the two face off once more.

“For three points I’m going to nominate Tully,” Tim is seen saying in a sound-proof booth, before turning around and shouting “Did you get that Tully?!” as Tully pulls a face.

Tim admitted he was worried he might see Tully in season 15. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Tim also admitted in the season 15 premiere that he was nervous she might show up.

“Tully’s not coming!” he said emphatically when Estelle Landy admitted she had a ‘gut feeling’ Tully would be joining the show.

“I will hold the door!” he said.

“Tully will be climbing over the walls to get in if she didn’t get invited … did you get that Tully?” he joked.

While we’re yet to see the two interact, promos for the show already have Tim stirring the pot, making sure he’s the one to announce to Tully that Drew has a new girlfriend in the house.

“In my opinion, one of the most worthy winners in Big Brother Australia history.” (Credit: Instagram)

However, Tully has confirmed there isn’t any bad blood between the pair.

Writing for Mamamia in 2019, Tully explained what living with Tim was like.

“Exactly as you’d expect – exhausting. Tim doesn’t have an “off” switch,” she shared.

“He was constantly trying to create great TV or drama… forever manipulating conversations and situations which was tough for the naive dumb-dumbs like me who just wanted to make friends and have fun.

“He was a master at the strategic side to the show and it was both annoying and impressive. He had a way of making you want to slap him and simultaneously desperately want him to love you,” she reflected.

“In my opinion, one of the most worthy winners in Big Brother Australia history.”

You can watch Tully and Tim on Big Brother from Monday-Thursday at 7.30pm on Channel Seven and 7Plus.

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