Billy Brownless calls out Charlotte Crosby for her dramatic I’m A Celebrity meltdown

He's not falling for her calculated "performance".
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Charlotte Crosby had a full-blown meltdown on I’m A Celeb earlier this week, leaving thousands of Australian viewers feeling sorry for the former Geordie Shore star.

WATCH: Charlotte threatens to quit during massive meltdown

However, despite gaining sympathy from the public thanks to her tear-jerking breakdown, campmate Billy Brownless is convinced she was crying crocodile tears! Speaking to News.com.au, the former Australian rules footballer said the reality TV veteran is an expert at giving the people what they want, leaving many of their co-stars convinced the waterworks were all an act. 

Many of his co-stars agree the waterworks were fake! (Credit: Ten)

“That was about playing the game, being a reality star and knowing how to play the game,” he said. “She was hungry, tired, emotional and just playing the game very well.

“There are people in there that are reality stars who have been on reality TV before and they know how to play the game. They certainly knew when they were on screen, there was a little performance. The players knew when to play, they were on.”

Was she faking it? (Credit: Ten)

Charlotte threatened to quit the series on Tuesday after a less than impressive performance in a trying trial left the 29-year-old deflated and defeated! Returning to the campsite, Charlotte was furious Erin Barnett stole the spotlight after correctly spelling the names of a series of pasta dishes correctly. 

“What about me?” Charlotte said in a piece to camera after refusing to partake in their celebrations. “We’ve just been on trial, I’m sitting freezing my tits off right and everyone’s saying ‘Poor Erin’, because she sat in the camp all day, came and sat here and had to spell some words,” a disheartened Charlotte said.

She was being dramatic AF! (Credit: Ten)

After her campmates noticed she was distressed, sweet angel Miguel Maestre offered her more Italian food, however, she wasn’t having a bar of it and quickly spiralled into a fit of rage. She even threatened to quit the show once and for all.

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