Isn’t this cosy? BIP star Ivan Krslovic makes himself at home with Alex Nation

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She’s been seen locking lips with Bachelor In Paradise co-stars Brooke Blurton and Bill Goldsmith.

But does Alex Nation end up with Ivan Krslovic in the end?

The single mum surprised fans on Monday when she shared a clip of Ivan in her kitchen – but according to her caption, all is innocent!

Armed with his trust tools, the professional painter was seen getting to work on Alex’s kitchen.

“Doesn’t even need a ladder. Met him on a reality TV show, hired him to paint my house,” Alex accompanied to clip which she posted to her Instagram stories.

Ivan and Alex
(Credit: Instagram)

Tall, talented and kind – it looks like Alex has Ivan in her cornered ahead of Tuesday night’s Bachelor In Paradise premiere.

In the lead up, we’ve been treated to some very dramatic footage of Alex going toe-to-toe with her ex, Richie Strahan.

In the trailer, Alex snaps: “So you are honestly sitting there and saying you were perfect in our relationship?”

Richie responds: “No one’s perfect, I’m not saying that. Don’t put words in my mouth, Alex!”

Alex then storms off in tears before screaming: “Someone is making you look like a f**king idiot!”

Bring. It. On!

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