Insider claims Bradley Cooper broke Lady Gaga’s heart after secretly splitting

"She thought he was 'The One'."
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Lady Gaga is reportedly telling her inner circle that Bradley Cooper “broke her heart”, after their secret relationship quickly dissolved.

This week, American publication Life & Style revealed that the pop sensation and The Hangover star were, in fact, the real deal, however, made a conscious decision to keep their budding romance under wraps. 

“There’s no doubt about it – Lady Gaga fell head over heels for Bradley during filming and promotion of A Star is Born,” a source told the magazine. “She thought he was “the one” and assumed he felt the same way – until recently.” 

Although Bradley’s alleged attitude spelled the end of their short-lived fling, with rumours swirling he “totally backed off”, the unnamed source has since sensationally revealed that those closest to the pop icon fear she’s being “strung along” by the hunky A-lister. 

“She’s telling friends he broke her heart,” reports Life & Style.

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“Gaga feels like Bradley led her on because he was giving off all the signs that they’d become an item once he was single,” said the magazine’s source, referring to Bradley’s split from his girlfriend of five years, Irina Shayk. “He suddenly realised he was jumping into a full-blown commitment to someone else and got scared.” 

Bradley and his Victoria’s Secret model ex-girlfriend sent shock waves through Hollywood when a representative confirmed in June that the couple had decided to call time on their romance. An insider told PEOPLE magazine that they were “amicably working out how to share custody of their daughter Lea De Seine.”

“Because of their daughter, they keep trying,” a source close to the couple of five years also told Page Six, at the time, adding: “Things are not good. Neither one is happy. The relationship is hanging by a thread.”

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During that time, Lady Gaga was reportedly the one Bradley went to for love and life advice. 

“He goes to Gaga for advice over everything, which is pretty insensitive at a time like this but Bradley can’t help himself,” an insider told Radar Online.

The source added: “He’s just totally spellbound by her and thinks she’s the wisest, coolest and most worldly person on the planet. Gaga’s in a tough spot because she doesn’t want to rub Irina’s nose in it. But still, she does adore Bradley so she’s happy to take his calls.” 


While there’s been no official confirmation, dozens of sources have argued that Lady Gaga played a part in Bradley’s split from Irina, after working closely with the actor on the set of their hit flick, A Star Is Born.

After the movie’s premiere, Gaga and Bradley performed at the Oscars, leaving thousands of viewers also convinced they were much more than co-stars. The “Bad Romance” singer later insisted there was no truth to these rumours. 

“Yes, people saw love and guess what? That’s what we wanted you to see…When you’re singing love songs, that’s what you want people to feel,” Gaga said. 

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