Fans shocked by BIP star Brittney’s body transformation

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Most of us are still harbouring a few quarantine kilos because hey, 2020 has been stressful, k?! Bachelor in Paradise alumni Brittney Weldon, on the other hand, is way ahead of the game.

WATCH: Bachie star Brittney shows off her brand new look

On Thursday, the 27-year-old posted an insane before-and-after pic on Instagram, proving she’s already put the days of Netflix, naps and banana bread behind her.

“I’m 21 days into my nutrition program & I’ve lost 3.2kg’s,” she captioned the post. I’m feeling more energetic, less hungry, less bloated & I love my new routine.”

So strong! Brittney showed off the results of her recent weight loss on Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

In the first image, Brittney poses with her hands on her hips wearing pink workout shorts and a matching tie-dye crop top. In the second image, she appears visibly trimmer – her abs and thighs clearly defined.

“Check out: @amyandleigh.24,” she continued. “Amy & Leigh are the owners of a healthy smoothie bar called @klc_nutrition & have been by my side the whole way though.”

Her 96.2k followers couldn’t help but weigh in on her impressive results since embarking on the program.

Brittney (pictured) always makes an effort to prioritise her healthy habits. (Credit: Instagram)

“Body goals ❤️” one comment read, “Thanks for posting something real without studio lighting or heavy edited filter! Love how natural you are 🙌.”

Some, however, questioned the reality TV star’s motives – and the validity of the images.

“Looks like you took those photos on the same day and just changed your pants 😂. Every strand in your hair is the exact same in both photos,” said one.

“Was thinking this too! even the nail polish and rings are the exact same,” said another.

Others came to Brittney’s defence, explaining that it was how she felt after taking control of her health that really mattered.

Brittney (pictured) has lost 3.2kgs over the past 21 days. (Credit: Instagram)

“You look great in both photos and certainly don’t need to lose any weight. But if it makes you feel great and energetic that’s what counts. You look stunning either way,” one fan reasoned.

Another added: “3.2k’s?… sweets this must take you down to the low 50kg range… you were the tiniest contestant on BIP (and looked perfect) plus you also looked super healthy. Who’s in your “camp” that said you need to trim down? Happy and healthy vibes to you girl x.”

Keep up the great work! Brittney is no stranger to keeping it real for her fans. (Credit: Instagram)

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. You’re gorgeous, no matter what, Brittney!

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