Brooke Blurton and Darvid Garayeli share loved-up snaps after The Bachelorette

“D&B over and out!”
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Our newest Bachie couple, Brooke Blurton and Darvid Garayeli, are settling into ‘normal life’ after the finale last week, and finally giving us much-desired updates on their life as a couple.

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Darvid has slowly begun to regain control of his social media, and last night posted a series of snaps of the pair’s first moments after the finale finished filming.

“Our first moments post-show,” he captioned an Instagram Carousel of images of the pair being cute as hell.

They’re seen hanging out in nature wearing literal matching fleece jumpers, eating breakfast on a patio, and then cheersing each other over FaceTime, we’re guessing once the distance set in.

Brooke and Darvid in the days post-finale. (Credit: Instagram)

Winning couples on the franchise usually get a few days to spend together in secret straight after finale, although things are kept very, very tightly under-wraps.

Last year’s winner on The Bachelor, Irena Srbinovska, detailed her experience with beau Locky Gilbert earlier this year, explaining the lengths they had to go to in order to keep her hidden.

They took a helicopter to a house in the Hunter Valley after Locky chose her, and Irena shared a snap of them inside it, where she wore a face mask and a hood.

“Our first pic together post-finale. I had to be hidden just in case and we went to a “secret” location for a few days,” she revealed.

Their holiday location also had its windows completely blacked out.

Brooke chilling on their post-show retreat. (Credit: Instagram)

Brooke and Darvid seemed to spend this weekend celebrating their freedom in Melbourne, partying with friends and family.

They shared a snap of themselves holding D & B-shaped balloons, which Brooke captioned: “D&B over and out! Time to celebrate with our family and friends!”

Their celebrations featured an appearance from Brooke’s dog, Cobar, her friend who appeared in the finale, Amy Thunig, and also fancy cake with a picture of them from finale.

“D&B over and out!” (Credit: Instagram)

Since choosing Darvid in the final episode last week, Brooke has been able to reveal that Darvid has moved to Melbourne, and the two seem stoked to be able to continue their relationship together in one place.  

“I wholeheartedly like truly love Darvid,” she told WHO’s sister site, Now to Love.

She also addressed Darvid’s mum, who was worried that he might have to leave his hometown of Brisbane in order to be with Brooke full time.

“She’s all for it,” Darvid said. “She absolutely loves Brooke and thinks that she’s a super wonderful and supportive partner.”

“She doesn’t hate me!” Brooke added. “She literally calls me her daughter.”

We cannot get enough of this gorgeous couple!

Brooke and Darvid with Brooke’s dog, Cobar, and their friend Paul, who styled Brooke on the show. (Credit: Instagram)

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