Can We Talk About Kendall Jenner’s White Leggings?

This look will spark major debate.

The fashion industry has plenty of serious issues that it’s forced to reckon with on an almost daily basis.

Of course, there’s the ever-looming problem of diversity, not only in terms of race, although that’s obviously an enormous issue that becomes highlighted anew every runway season, but also in terms of age and weight in an industry where a size zero waistline and a post-2001 birth date continues to reign supreme.

But fashion also has it’s lighter topics of debate, like has athleisure jumped the shark? What’s the new millennial pink? And are leggings pants? A subject that on Wednesday night Kendall Jenner made her stance widely known on.

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To celebrate the world premiere of the new film Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, a documentary about the life of Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs and his journey from Biggie hype man to Bad Boy Records founder, Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian busted out their finest high fashion duds.

While chatting with their sister Khloé‘s ex-boyfriend French Montana, Kourt wore an oversize ripped and tattered white button down over a lace slip cinched with a black grommet belt and Kendall wore a look that will probably be debated until the end of time

Those unfamiliar with the legging as pants wars and the firmly entrenched advocates on either side of that argument probably think the model’s outfit looks pretty innocuous and tame considering this is a woman who can regularly be found wearing little more than a thong and mesh bodysuit.

But this particular choice in leg coverings finds itself directly in the crossfire of this debate, opting to pair her Balenciaga-branded sweater with a pair of white, capri-length spandex which she accessorised with strappy black sandals and a furry black purse. Photographic evidence that the newly-minted supermodel is the bravest style risk-taker of them all, willing to put her career on the line to prove once and for all that leggings are in fact pants.

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