Chris Hemsworth’s secret act of kindness

The Thor actor donated much-needed equipment to a medical centre.
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Chris Hemsworth’s selflessness is shining through once more, with reports that he and his team donated thousands of dollars’ worth of medical equipment to a medical clinic in Armidale.

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A local woman who works as a clinical coordinator at Armajun Aboriginal Health Service, a not-for-profit Aboriginal medical clinic, recently posted to a Facebook group called The Kindness Pandemic, sharing her interaction.

“A lovely man named Harry walked into our clinic asking for the manager. Harry went on to tell me he had just finished shooting documentary nearby with Chris Hemsworth and the National Geographic about the brain and had a truck full of medical supplies they wanted to donate,” she wrote.

“Turns out he was sent by Chris Hemsworth and the National Geographic team to find a worthy little clinic who may benefit and Harry found us. I walked outside to a truck full of stuff… I had to grab the side of the van to literally hold myself up.”

Chris Hemsworth Thor Community
The Byron Bay-based actor is known for gestures like this. (Credit: Getty)

The truck contained an electric bed, an X-ray light, a stainless steel medical trolley, thermometers, weight and height machine, and an observation stool.

The team at the medical centre christened the messenger as ‘their Prince Harry’ for his kind donation and delivery of the equipment.

“I hope Chris, National Geographic and ‘our Prince Harry’ get to read this as you have no idea what you’ve done,” the coordinator wrote.

“Stop by anytime and I’d be happy to share stories about what my amazing staff achieve and what your generous support has done to help continue to do what great work they do for our community.”

Chris Hemsworth charity donation
Images of the equipment was posted to Facebook. (Credit: Facebook)

The Byron Bay actor has been working on a project called Limitless with National Geographic, in which he ‘embarks on an epic mission to transform himself by training for six extraordinary challenges, showing how to fight ageing and every stage of life’.

The six-part series will dedicate each episode to a different way we can live better for longer.

It is being produced for Disney+, and will likely air later this year.

Chris is widely known for his philanthropy, and this donation is just one more reason he is Australia’s favourite celebrity.

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