Chris Hemsworth’s Net Worth: His Career, And Where The Money Comes From

We discuss Chris Hemsworth’s net worth and break down where he gets his money.
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Chris Hemsworth’s career trajectory has seen him soar past a small career in Australian TV, and become a bonafide superstar in the Hollywood world. While he might be best-known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris has gotten several opportunities to show off his acting range, such as starring roles in the musical The Cabin in the Woods, and the Formula One biopic Rush

All these roles have yielded billions in box office results, making him one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars – and one of the highest-paid! If you’re curious as to how much money this translates to, join us as we dive right into Chris Hemsworth’s net worth and explore where it comes from.

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How Much Is Chris Hemsworth Worth?

Birth Name: Christopher Hemsworth

Net Worth: Approx. $USD 76.4-million ($AUD 113-million)

Date of Birth: August 11, 1983

Chris Hemsworth pictured at the '12 Strong' world premiere
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What Does Net Worth Really Mean?

In 2019, Forbes reported that Chris Hemsworth is worth about $USD 76.4-million ($AUD 113-million). While this figure is definitely impressive, and there’s no doubt that Hemsy’s living the good life right now, it doesn’t exactly mean that he has a cool $AUD 113-million sitting around that he can spend at any time.

Net worth doesn’t just refer to available cash, but also the sum of all the values of one’s assets, including shares, homes, vehicles, and various retirement and insurance accounts. For Chris, this means that the $AUD 20-million Byron Bay mansion he shares with his wife is included in that $AUD 113-million count.

Chris Hemsworth: Net Worth Timeline

2019: $USD 76.4-million ($AUD 113-million)

2018: $USD 64.5-million ($AUD 95.5-million)

2017: $USD 31.5-million ($AUD 46.6-million)

2015: $USD 27-million ($AUD 40-million)

2014: $USD 37-million ($AUD 54.8-million)

2012-2013: $USD 12-million ($AUD 17.7-million)

Chris Hemsworth: Who Exactly Is He?

If you’ve been living under a rock – or don’t care much for Marvel movies – there’s actually a chance that you might not have heard of Chris Hemsworth. Well, before 2009, most people didn’t know him either!

Where Was Chris Hemsworth Born?

Chris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne on August 11, 1983. His mum, Leonie, taught English, while his dad Craig was a social worker. Both had worked at the Australian Childhood Foundation, which Chris has frequently promoted and raised money for.

Early Career

Chris’s career began on Australian television, making appearances in local productions like Guinevere Jones and Neighbours. He even appeared on Dancing with the Stars Australia, where he performed miserably. He’d later recount in an interview with BBC that the stint with the show nearly cost him the role of Thor

“Kevin Feige said that almost lost me the job. ‘We all saw your audition, we were passing it around the office, and everyone was really into it. And then a few of the girls started Googling your name and up came this dancing video and I thought, oh no, Thor dancing? I don’t know, the fans are gonna eat us alive.’”

Craig Hemsworth, Leonie Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemswort at the Dancing With The Stars After Show Party
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Breakout Roles

In 2009, Chris appeared in his first ever blockbuster movie, J.J. Abrams’s 2009 reboot, Star Trek. He was actually among the first actors to appear on-screen in the film, portraying George Kirk, the father of James T. Kirk. The role catapulted him into stardom, and in 2010, Hollywood Reporter described him as part of the ‘A-List Redefined’ in a feature about rising young actors playing leading roles in tentpole movies. The feature ranked him alongside stars like Chris Pine, Bradley Cooper, and Ryan Reynolds.

Chris Hemsworth at the Premiere of 'Star Trek' 2009
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In 2011, Chris had his big break in Thor, playing the role of the titular god of thunder. The film grossed $USD 449.3-million ($AUD 664.5-million) and cemented his position as one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. 

In the years since, he’s starred in two more Thor movies and appeared in four Avengers films. Along the way, he appeared in a lengthy blockbuster movies list, including Rush, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Cabin in the Woods, and 12 Strong. He also recently starred alongside Tessa Thompson in Men in Black: International.


Chris isn’t the only thespian in his family. His older brother Luke and younger brother Liam are both actors as well. Luke is best known for his starring role on Westworld, while Liam is most famous for his role in all four Hunger Games movies and the lead role in Independence Day: Resurgence.

Chris Hemsworth has been married to Spanish actress Elsa Pataky since December 2010. They have three children together.

Where Does Chris Hemsworth’s Money Come From?

It should come as no surprise that most of Chris Hemsworth’s money comes from his movies.

For the first Thor film, Chris got a measly $USD 150,000 (AUD 222,000), which is to be expected given that he was pretty much an unknown before that film. However, he wouldn’t be making such a relatively meagre amount for long.

After 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, Chris was making an incredible $USD 15-million ($AUD 22.2-million) per movie – that’s a hundred times more money per movie than his first major role got him. He got the same amount for Avengers: Infinity War and the recent Avengers: Endgame. None of these figures takes into account any profit-sharing agreements that Chris may have with Marvel Studios! 

This isn’t his only source of income, though. Forbes reports that Chris has ‘seven-figure endorsement deals’ with Tag Heuer and Hugo Boss, which could explain why the man looks so darn stylish! He also recently launched a new fitness app, Centr, which teaches users how to do his workouts, and dispenses nutrition advice, fitness hacks, and tips for staying fit as a dad.

All these big paydays have made him one of the highest-paid actors in the world. And with his crowd-pleasing charisma and awesome performances, he definitely deserves it!

Hemsworth A Lot Of Money

As many of the original Avengers part ways with the franchise, Hemsy’s only just beginning. He’s all set to appear in Thor: Love and Thunder in 2021, and some of his upcoming movies include Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and Dhaka.

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