Georgia Love and Lee Elliot’s emotional goodbyes before wedding

They’re so in love!
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The Bachelorette’s Georgia Love has shared a sweet behind-the-scenes video from the night before her and Lee Elliott’s wedding.

WATCH BELOW: Georgia Love and Lee Elliott saying their goodbyes before the wedding.

The couple, who met on the second season of The Bachelorette, tied the knot on Friday after COVID forced them to rearrange their wedding. 

Georgia and Lee’s original plans to get married in Sicily, Italy, were dashed but judging by the many photos, Georgia and Lee were overjoyed on their big day and celebrated in style.

Georgia and Lee performing their first dance. (Credit: Instagram)

The couple are currently honeymooning in Tasmania, but on Tuesday Georgia decided to surprise her fans with some behind-the-scenes wedding videos posted to her Instagram story.

The clips show the couple’s goodbyes the night before their wedding.

With their arms wrapped around each other and kissing, Georgia and Lee refuse to let go of each other to go their separate ways.

“TFW you say goodbye to your fiancé for the very last time before meeting them at the altar,” the bride captioned the videos.

The couple posing with the world class Tasmanian views. (Credit: Instagram)

The two are so madly in love that even the thought of one night away from each other had them unable to let go.

It is refreshing to see a couple unafraid to show their gooey and less edited version of their relationship, in all its sappy glory.

The bride shared the first picture of Mr and Mrs Elliot on her Instagram, and she sweetly captioned the back and white image, “It was always you 05.03.21 #aloveleewedding.”

The first photo of the couple (Credit: Instagram)

The couple officially wed at the grand Frogmore Creek Winery in Tasmania, which was reminiscent of a medieval Italian castle.  

The former bachelorette looked divine in her floor-length strapless gown that featured a low neckline with hidden pockets, and later on, she transformed into her second dress, which had a midi length tulle skirt and detailed beading.

Australian designer Jason Grech who designed both creations revealed the special meaning behind the dresses.

He wrote on the brands Instagram, “Fun fact: We dressed Georgia Love the day she met @leeroyelliott on @thebachelorau so we are thrilled to be part of their love story. #happyEverAfter.”

“Happy Ever After.”

The couple is undoubtedly soaking up the Tasmanian sun, drinking wine and going on romantic Bachelor worthy level dates together as they celebrate their love.

There are sure to be many more marriage updates to come as they fall deep into their love bubble.

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