Hamish and Andy reunite for a hot girl summer

The comedic duo are together again with their lovely ladies in tow.
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Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have reunited in Europe for the hot girl summer we all wish we were having – oh, and they had their gorgeus partners in tow.

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When fans realised Hamish and Zoë Foster Blake were in Europe at the same time as Andy and girlfriend Rebecca Harding, they had high hopes the friends would cross paths.

While the Blakes shared envy-inducing pictures from Italy while celebrating Zoë’s belated 40th birthday, the Lee-Hardings were taking in the summer rays on the Greek islands.

Finally, a week after their Euro adventure began, the comedy duo has reunited in Greece.

Zoë pulled through for fans by sharing snaps of their hang out.

Hamish and Andy have reunited in Europe for their hot girl summer. (Credit: Instagram)

On her Instagram stories, she posted a picture of Andy and Hamish having a chat on a white balcony overlooking the pristine water.

“The most golden part of this trip has been the FRIENDS. So many friends along the way,” she mused.

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The entrepreneur had invited her girlfriends on her and Hamish’s trip, and they’d previously spent a week gallivanting around Italy taking cute group shots.

She followed the picture of the boys with a shot of Andy and his girlfriend cheek-to-cheek while enjoying vodka sodas before their double date lunch.

Andy and Rebecca were cheesing it up for the camera at a sunny lunch. (Credit: Instagram)

“Wearing holidays well,” wrote Zoë, and yes of course we’re jealous. She wrapped up the photo dump with a group shot in front of pink flowers.

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At the tail end of June, the beauty mogul revealed she booked her glamorous trip when she was “a sweet, COVID-ignorant baby in 2019.”

“I obnoxiously booked my 40th in Greece and begged my best friends to come. Happily, amazingly, gratefully, we are finally on That Trip,” the now 41-year-old explained.

“It’s a slight remix (new country, two years older, new appreciation for everything) and as I dreamed and anxiously planned and fully anticipated: this is a total Once In a Lifer, and I can’t believe we’re here together. This is school camp, 10x’d. I LOVE THESE WOMEN.”

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Of course, she didn’t leave her family behind in freezing Australia.

Hamish and the kids were tailing their fun, and the funny man even had the important job of photographing his wife and her friends.

He revealed that he was “lucky enough” to be invited to his “wife’s belated 40th Girls Trip to Italy.”

“Don’t worry I know exactly where I stand (off camera, 3 metres away with the sun behind me, taking at least 5 options per photo, per phone) #doingmybest #justhappytobeinvited,” he joked.

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