Justin Morgan from Home and Away: Who is James Stewart?

Get to know the Aussie star!

It’s a known truth that actors are often living double lives; in interviews, they surround themselves with a shroud of charismatic mystery, while their personal life remains quite private. In this article, we’re going to dig a little bit deeper and get to know the man who plays Summer Bay’s ruggedly handsome mechanic Justin Morgan: James Stewart.

The Character: Justin Morgan

When Did Justin Morgan First Appear On Home And Away?

Justin Morgan made his debut appearance on episode 92 of the 9th season of the series, which aired on 7 June 2016.

What Is Justin Morgan’s Role On Home And Away?

Justin Morgan is a member of the Morgan family, who relocated to Summer Bay to escape their dark past and start a clean state. He was the love interest of Phoebe Nicholson (Isabella Giovinazzo), but then later progressed to Willow Harris (Sarah Roberts.)

What Is Going To Happen To Justin?

Justin Morgan and his girlfriend Willow Harris (played by the actor’s real-life fiancee) are on the verge of a major turning point in their relationship. Justin gave Willow an ultimatum to cut off her ex-boyfriend Dean, a move which could further frustrate and isolate Willow.

Are There Any Famous Real-Life Namesakes For The Character Of Justin Morgan?

Justin Morgan is also the name of a famous American composer and horse breeder. There is also a Justin Morgan who was a former rugby player and now coaches the New Zealand Warriors.

The Actor: James Stewart

Now that we’ve gotten to know his TV persona, let’s take a look behind-the-scenes at who he is when he’s off set.

How Old Is James Stewart?

He was born on October 21, 1975, which makes him 43-years old and a Libra!

How Tall Is James Stewart?

James Stewart is 1.87 metres tall, which is about a height of 6’2”.

How Much Does James Stewart Weigh?

Off set, James Stewart loves to keep in shape and maintain his muscular figure.. Last year, he was featured on Men’s Health Australia for his jaw-dropping fitness transformation. Since his fitness transformation, he weighs around 91 kg.

Where Did James Stewart Grow Up?

James Stewart and his twin brother were born in Melbourne, Victoria. He has Irish ancestry from his mother, Beverly Stewart, and Chinese ancestry from his estranged father, Arthur Koo. He and his brother spent most of their younger years growing up on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Where Does James Stewart Live Now?

He currently resides in Sydney, New South Wales.

Does James Stewart Have A Twin Brother?

Seeing double? That’s just Nicholas Stewart, James’ identical twin brother. Justin often shares photos of the two of them on his Instagram. He also has a sister named Annie.

Is James Stewart Married?

James Stewart tends to maintain chemistry with his on-screen love interests even when the cameras stop rolling. He dated and was even engaged to his Packed to the Rafters co-star and Jessica Marais.

When James Stewart did Home and Away, he also dated his co-star, Isabella Giovinazzo. He later moved in with her after a few months of dating, but unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last. Now, Stewart is with Sarah Roberts who portrays his current love interest. While they are not husband and wife yet, and they don’t have any children, they have been dating since 2017 and are currently engaged!

Does James Stewart Have Any Kids?

James Stewart had a daughter, Scout Stewart, with his ex-fiancee Jessica Marais before they split in 2015.

Does He Have Any Famous Real-Life Namesakes?

He shares a name with a few notable figures: a rugby league player (James Stuart), Australian rugby union player (Jim Stewart), an American motocross racer, and an American actor.

Is James Stewart On Twitter Or Instagram?

James Stewart is incredibly active on Instagram (follow him on @__jamesstewart__) where he has over 193,000 followers. His Twitter account under the same handle reposts photos from his Instagram.

Has James Stewart Ever Posed Nude Or Near-Nude?

The 43-year-old hasn’t posed nude for any magazines, but he did appear shirtless on the cover of Men’s Health magazine to show off his trim physique.

Is James Stewart Gay?

James Stewart has had multiple relationships with women, including the mother of his child Jessica Marais and his current fiancee Sarah Roberts. There hasn’t been any evidence that James has had any attraction towards men. Sorry, lads!

What Is James Stewart’s Net Worth?

As of 2018, James’ net worth is valued at just under $500,000.

How Did James Stewart Start Acting?

Like many famous actors, James Stewart started his acting career at a young age. He had his first acting job at eighteen, where he played Sam in The Adventures of Skippy.

After that, he has continued to star in other Australian TV shows and stage plays. Let’s take a look at some of his most notable work.

What Other TV Shows And Productions Has James Stewart Been A Part Of?

After starring in The Adventures of Skippy, Stewart has kept busy by honing his craft. He frequently landed roles in TV soap operas and dramas, and he also acted on the stage.

One of his best stage performances was as the ambitious and charming shipping clerk, Jim O’Connor in Tennesse William’s The Glass Menagerie. Although it was a supporting role, Stewart snatched the Matilda and Helpmann awards for his performance.

In 2009, we got to see James Stewart on Packed to the Rafters. He played Jake Barton, who was the love interest of Rachel Rafter, portrayed by Jessica Marais.

He was a recurring character in the series’ first two seasons. Then as the plot progressed, he was turned into a series regular. He won the 2010 Logie Award for Best New Male Talent for his performance as Jake Barton.

Even at 43 years of age, James Stewart still maintains heartthrob status, and there doesn’t to be any sign of him slowing down soon!

We’re excited to continue to see him on-screen as Summer Bay’s sexy mechanic, and off-screen as he continues his relationship with Sarah Roberts.

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