How motherhood changed Lara Worthington’s outlook on her body

“Before I had kids, I was always trying to get skinny or be a certain weight.”
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It’s been almost 15 years since Lara Worthington posed in a bikini on a pristine beach Down Under and asked, “Where the bloody hell are ya?”

But she looked just as fit and fabulous as she did in the 2006 Tourism Australia ad when she hit a beach in Huskisson on NSW’s South Coast on February 11.

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It hasn’t been a year since Worthington, 33, welcomed her third child into the world, but her post-baby body looked incredible as she posed in swimwear for a photo shoot.

And the mum-of-three – who shares Rocket, 5, Racer, 4, and another boy born in March last year (whose name she’s yet to reveal) with hubby Sam, 44 – recently admitted she’s more confident with her body now than she was in her younger years.

“I don’t know if that was to do with the industry, but I really have come out of that full circle,” she told Marie Claire. “I have more control now.”

lara worthington
The mum-of-three recently admitted she’s more confident with her body now. (Credit: Getty)

While her early 20s were plagued with scandal and body hang-ups, the model-turned-entrepreneur believes motherhood reframed her priorities for the better.

“Before I had kids, I was always trying to get skinny or be a certain weight,” she said.

“My mind was so focused on that, and then the moment I just let myself be happy in my body and had kids, it really changed for me.”

“I feel like my whole early 20s were just so centred on body issues,” Worthington continued.

“Having a baby changed my body for the better. It’s like my body was meant to have kids, and maybe that’s why I’ve had so many and would happily have more!”

lara worthington
“Having a baby changed my body for the better.” (Credit: Instagram)

Although Worthington previously credited celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson’s The Pregnancy Project workouts for keeping her body in check during her first two pregnancies, she has more recently turned to Pilates for fitness.

“I’ve never really done much of that before, I’d been more into the gym and had a trainer,” Worthington told Vogue of taking up the practice early last year.

“But when I’m pregnant and I need to calm down a bit, Pilates has been really good.”

It’s also proved to be a perfect workout post-pregnancy for the star as well.

Back in September, Worthington shared she was using Aussie online program Fluidform At Home to help her feel strong again. And now that she’s back Down Under, Worthington is likely to hit up the Sydney-based Fluidform Pilates studio for a class or two.

“Exercise is my favourite part of the day because it’s my own time,” she previously shared. “I’m not on my phone, working or thinking about anything.”

lara and sam
Lara and husband Sam have relocated back to Australia with their kids. (Credit: Getty)

Last year, the Aussie beauty admitted to her Instagram followers that her secret to getting her body back after pregnancy was all about taking her time.

“Nine months in, at least nine months out!” she replied to a fan’s question about the topic.

Worthington has also previously revealed that the key to getting a workout in is doing something you enjoy.

“I think it’s all about incorporating exercise into your life and not letting it be something you’re forced into doing,” she shared.

Late last year, Worthington and her husband were spotted several times hitting the waves in Malibu, California – with the beauty mogul appearing to have recently taken up surfing.

lara and sam
Worthington recently revealed she and her hubby are loving their expanding family. (Credit: Instagram)

It’s a pastime she is likely to do more of, now that the pair have relocated back Down Under with their kids for the actor’s starring role in the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Appropriate.

The family returned to Oz in January and have enrolled their eldest son into school – hinting that they might be staying a while.

And although she’s got plenty to keep her busy with three kids under five, Worthington recently revealed she and her hubby are loving their expanding family.

“We work together really well; it gets better and better, to be honest,” she shared with Marie Claire.

“I think that’s why we keep having more kids because it’s a very enjoyable family. We’re happy, and the kids are happy, and Sam is super-present.”

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