MAFS’ Ning Surasiang grandparenting mishap

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Married At First Sight’s Ning Surasiang and her newborn granddaughter, Freya, were having some family bonding moments when things went a little murky between them.

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The 36-year-old grandmother’s daughter, 17-year-old Kia gave birth to her grandchild last month, and it appears Ning is back in the thick of baby life.

Ning has raised three babies, and there is no doubt she has been brought right back to those memories after sweet Freya, decided to throw up on her nan’s T-shirt.

The former reality TV star posted the incident on her Instagram with a picture of herself holding Freya over her shoulder and a fine white line of spew trailing down her top.

The real moments behind the cute pictures. (Credit: Instagram)

She captioned the post with the sarcastic caption, “Moments like this though #freya.”

Her Instagram is rightfully becoming more and more filled with Freya as she dotes on her newest family member, and one cute picture, in particular, is of Ning’s younger children Kobi, 5 and Kai, 9 holding their niece.

She captioned the post, “Very proud of uncle and aunty right here. Finally get to have a little cuddle #newarrival #babygirl.”

Ning also gave birth to her daughter Kia at the young age of 16-years-old, which caused her to leave home at a young age.

However, Ning has been more than supportive of her daughter as she has stood by her side throughout the pregnancy, birth, and the caring of her precious granddaughter.

Aunty and uncle with their niece. (Credit: Instagram)

She proudly shared the news of Freya’s birth on her Instagram, and she wrote a long and loving post about how her daughter had inspired her.

She wrote, “Thank you for having me with you to witness the most incredible, beautiful and raw experience called childbirth. Watching your baby have a baby was an emotional experience for all of us, but you kicked a**e hunnay! Kia you are one tough cookie. Words can not describe how proud I am of you, you didn’t complain, not once you said you couldn’t do it. Not even one curse word. You did better then good mama.”

Ning finished her post off with the adorable hashtags “#nini #grandaughter #newarrival” and “#babyfeels.”

“Kia you are one tough cookie.” (Credit: Instagram)

Ning appeared on MAFS in 2019, and she was married to Mark Scrivens, but their relationship was not meant to be as they struggled with awkwardness and lack of chemistry.

However, she has since found love with Kane Micallef, who she met on Tinder.

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