Who is former The Bachelor Matt Agnew dating?

It appears the ex-reality star has found a new partner.
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Matt Agnew came to prominence in 2019 when he debuted as Network 10‘s The Bachelor. In the season that introduced us to Abbie Chatfield, the now-35-year-old astrophysicist chose chemical engineer Chelsea McLeod as his match. In common The Bachelor fashion, however, this relationship was short lasting, with the pair calling it quits a mere two months after.

WATCH: Matt Agnew talks about his mental health after filming his season. Article continues after video.

Following his appearance on national television, Matt has managed to keep a relatively low profile, particularly when it comes to his dating life. 

After publicising his love journey to the nation, Matt revealed to WHO in a previous interview that he tries to “set clear boundaries by not sharing much” about his romantic status.

“Social media plays a part in giving people unfettered access to people’s lives and I think the problem with that is that it can quickly lead to this entitlement where people think, ‘Not only do I have access, but I have the right to know what’s going on in all aspects of your life, including the intimate details’,” he shared.

“It’s healthy for everyone really, to set those boundaries.”

With this in consideration, when it comes to romance, Matt remains fairly low key. As a public figure however, this does not stop him from sharing the odd breadcrumb about his relationship status.

Kyla Kirkpatrick

As reported by the Herald Sun, the 35-year-old former Bachelor has entered a relationship with 42-year-old Real Housewives of Melbourne star Kyla Kirkpatrick.

According to the publication, Matt and Kyla have been dating for several months.

Also referred to as ‘The Champagne Dame’, like Matt, Kyla is a former reality star. 

Kyla and Matt are rumoured to have been together for several months. (Credit: Instagram)

Kate Reid

Matt Agnew pictured with Kate Reid at the F1 Grand Prix. (Credit: Instagram)

Just a mere few weeks earlier, Matt sparked dating rumours with Melbournian baker, Kate Reid. In a series of images posted from the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, the astrophysicist smiles ear-to-ear alongside his companion, founder of Lune Croissanterie.

The pair appeared to enjoy each other’s company. (Credit: Instagram)

His Instagram post was met with messages of delight from his followers, questioning whether the joyous images signal the ‘hard-launch’ of a relationship.

Sharing similar interests, prior to her successful pastry business, Kate was a student of Aerospace Engineering which led to her role as aerodynamicist for the Williams F1 team. What a match!

Kate and Matt were also pictured together in December 2022 where they met to celebrate the joint launches of their books.

Matt and Kate are both authors! (Credit: Instagram)

The former Bachie seems to have quashed these rumours in a recent Instagram Story, sharing an image of the pair with the caption, “Get yourself a friend who can explain F1 to you.”

News of the author’s ‘new girlfriend’ follows his rumoured romance with MasterChef star Khan Ong; which were put to rest by Matt himself.

Speaking on the Feast podcast, he shared, “Being affectionate and tactile with your friends, and blokes especially need to do more of this. Everyone should be comfortable enough in their sexuality that they don’t feel uncomfortable showing affection, men or women.”

You tell them, Matt!

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