Meghan Markle responds to becoming Queen

She's all smiles!
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From group hugs to gifts, Meghan Markle has been shown the love of the people while in Africa, where she is currently on royal tour with her husband, Prince Harry and their son, Archie. 

In fact, one group of locals were so taken with the Duchess of Sussex that they called her their “queen” at an engagement on Wednesday.

WATCH: Meghan Markle responds to becoming Queen!

The Duchess visited the ‘Ladies Who Launch’ event at the Woodstock Exchange, a technology hub focussed on highlighting the skills and mentorship of the female entrepreneurs changing the landscape of employment in South Africa.

After the event, crowds of well-wishers sung to their ‘African Queen’ as the Duchess of Sussex left the engagement.

Around 50 women sung “African queen, there’s a new tomorrow, African queen, a dream we can follow,” as Meghan left the Woodstock Exchange.

Meghan responded with a smile and a wave to the excited fans. 

meghan markle africa
The Duchess played with children at Mothers2Mothers (Credit: Getty)

Meghan has been undertaking a series of solo visits in Cape Town while Harry extends his tour throughout Africa. 

On Wednesday the Duchess of Sussex also visited not-for-profit organisation ‘mothers2mothers’.

The organisation trains and employs women living with HIV as frontline health workers across eight African nations.

Harry and Meghan will be reunited in Johannesburg next week. 

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