Nicki Minaj Naked – Her Best Nude Moments Caught on Camera

Nicki's best nudes, all in one place!

Onika Tanya Maraj (yes, that’s Nicki Minaj’s real name) is a force to be reckoned with. She’s been in the music game since 2004 and is currently one of the world’s best selling artists AND one of the world’s most influential rappers. Last November she became the first ever female artist to have 100 entries on the Billboard Hottest 100 chart – so it’s safe to say that Nicki is unstoppable. But all this success doesn’t come without the occasional controversy, and Nicki has had her fair share of scandalous moments. So before we dive into our 10 favourite Nicki Minaj nude pics, let’s look back on some career highlights and a few of her biggest scandals.

And the award goes to….

Nicki Minaj has amassed an impressive collection of awards since her career began in the mid-2000s. So far, the indefatigable star has been the recipient of: 

  • 6 American Music Awards
  • 11 BET (Black Entertainment Television) Awards
  • 4 MTV Video Music Awards (for her music videos Super Bass, Starships, Anaconda and Chun-Li
  • 4 Billboard Music Awards
  • A Billboard Women in Music Rising Star award\
  • 10 Grammy Award nominations (come on Grammys, it’s about time Nicki won!)

This small list doesn’t even represent half of what Nicki has been nominated for – she’s a high achiever, that’s for sure! 

Paying her fan’s tuition fees 

In 2017, Nicki tweeted the details of an upcoming competition to her excited fans. The superstar was due to attend the Billboard music video awards in Las Vegas, and she was offering to fly fans out to attend the awards with her. The competition was open to international fans, with Minaj tweeting “Ya muva makes enough money to fly members of out from ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!” This is when 21-year-old student CJ decided to shoot his shot. He retweeted Nicki, saying “Well, you wanna pay for my tuition?” 


It was just meant to be a cheeky comment that highlighted the financial pressure that students, especially in the USA, have to cope with. But six minutes later Nicki replied, saying that she was prepared to pay the tuition fees of straight-A students. 

As fans began to show verification that they were straight-A students who could use some financial assistance, Nicki began to follow through. CJ was the first recipient, followed by fans like Liyah who needed $1548 to enrol and another $250 for textbooks and Onika would needed $700 to pay off her loans before she would be allowed to return to her educational institution. Nicki ended up handing over more than $30,000 to over 30 students in need of support. Since then, Nicki has created the #StudentofTheGame initiative.  Exceptional students just need to tweet the hashtag and mention what they need to assist with their education, and then Nicki and her team check the hashtag and search for winners.  

CJ has since Instagrammed a touching tribute to the singer, outlining how grateful he was to have been the first person to receive her help. 


Part of the caption reads “I will NEVER FORGET being the first recipient of the tuition assistance give away back in 2017. When someone of Onika Maraj’s stature invest not only in your education, but in your FUTURE – that means that they see something in you and believes in you!”

We’re not crying, you’re crying!

Nicki Minaj and Harriet Tubman

In August 2018, Nicki sent shockwaves through the media when she seemingly compared herself to historical figure Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist and political activist who was born into slavery and worked to rescue others from a life of bondage. News outlets were outraged. The Washington Post published a Harriet Tubman feature in the wake of the singer’s comments, saying “We thought Minaj might want to know who Tubman really was.” Nicki remained unfazed, and she continued to back herself via social media.

She posted this screenshot of a Huffington Post article to her Instagram, along with the caption “y’all Harriet Tubman is trending cuz of one tweet I posted. Like do y’all understand how funny this s**t is?” Whatever you think of Nicki’s comments, you can’t deny that she stands by her statements. 

Unlike other unfortunate celebrities, Nicki Minaj hasn’t had leaked nudes distributed for the world to see. But she has posed for many racy photos, and she’s had the occasional wardrobe malfunction. Here are 10 of the best Nicki Minaj nude (or at least , nearly nude) pictures to date. 

10. Nicki’s nip slip


In September 2018 Nicki was performing at the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia. The singer brought so much energy to the stage that both her breasts popped out of her top! Who amongst us hasn’t an unruly boob leave her assigned seat though?

The best part of this wardrobe malfunction was Nicki’s recovery – she wrestled her boobs back into her top without missing a beat and went right on performing! The mark of a true professional.

9. Wonderland Cover 

Behold, Nicki’s cover for Wonderland back in 2018. Nicki Minaj’s nude derrière is exposed as she dons a lace-up wet-look jumpsuit that leaves little to the imagination.  The photographer was Dennis Leupold and Nicki’s look was styled by Toni-Blaze. Of the shoot, the stylist and editor-in-chief of Wonderland said “When we was (sic) on set and saw these pics I knew we were creating a moment! A lewk! (sic) A vibe!” 

8. A Killer Selfie

From a professional photoshoot to something that Nicki put together herself!  Nicki uploaded these this selfie, complete with filter, and captioned it with lyrics from her song ‘Sir‘ which features on her album Queen.

“They double tap, SIR. Issa FACT SIR. Allda comments sayin ISSA SNACK SIR”. Anyone who can look this good in a beige strapless bra is definitely a snack!

7. Wearing all white in the Bed video 

If you want Nicki Minaj’s real nudes, this the closest you’ll probably get. The singer flashes a little bit of nip as she bathes in an almost translucent outfit during the video for her song Bed featuring Ariana Grande. #FREETHENIPPLE Nicki! 

6. The Anaconda music video

If you look up the definition of NSFW in the dictionary, it’s just pictures of stills from Nicki’s ‘Anaconda‘ music video. The cover art for the single let us know loud and clear what we were in for. In it, Nicki wears a barely-there pink G-string and Air Jordan trainers – a combination that only the rapper herself could pull off. 

5. Nicki’s mermaid moment 

It’s been said that mermaids lure sailors to their doom, and looking at this picture we can see why! Nicki looked absolutely mesmerising in nothing but a tail during the ‘Bed‘ music video. How is this woman so drop-dead gorgeous every minute of the day? There’s something fishy going on here…

4. Minaj À Trois

Paper Magazine is renowned for its provocative covers, and Nicki’s appearance on the front page in 2017 was no exception. A cheeky play on words and a whole new meaning assigned to ‘self-love’ saw Nicki break the internet yet again.

3. Queen cover art 

Nicki’s fourth album Queen was highly anticipated. At the time of its release in 2018 it had been four years since her previous album The Pinkprint had made its debut, so fans were hungry for more. They were not disappointed. Queen debuted at Number 2 in the US Billboard 200, and featured hits like Chun-Li. The cover features a bare breasted Nicki (save for two nipple pasties) dressed like an ancient Egyptian queen. You’re always be a queen in our eyes Nicki!

2. Nearly nude Nicki 

Earlier in February, the rapper posted this behind-the-scenes pic to her Instagram. Her arm is the only thing protecting her modesty as she is attended to ahead of an appearance, wearing a beige corset and pantyhose. The star captioned the shot “Boyfriends always take the best pics then tell u to “keep that sh*t on when we get home”. Am I lying?” No Nicki, you speak the truth girl!

1. Paris Fashion Week, 2017 

Nicki Minaj
Nicki dares to bare at Paris Fashion Week two years ago (Credit: Getty )

In a risqué homage to Lil Kim circa 1999, Nicki wore this revealing number to Paris Fashion Week in 2017. We WISH we were confident enough to sit at one of the fashion world’s most highly scrutinised events with one boob out. Nicki, you’re our hero. 


If you want more of Nicki’s sexy photos, you can follow her on Instagram @nickiminaj. We hope this Queen makes more incredible tunes for us in the year to come.

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