Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich’s baby girl steals hearts

She's set to be a big sister soon!
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It’s been just shy of a decade since Australia’s first Bachelor, Tim Robards, chose Anna Heinrich and began a relationship with her.

WATCH BELOW: Inside Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich’s baby gender reveal party

In the time since, this beautiful couple have checked off most of the milestones – including their Italian wedding – but none are quite as cute as their daughter.

Elle, who was born in November 2020, has proved herself to be the most adorable blonde bundle, taking after her genetically-blessed parents.

We’ve put together some of her cutest moments, along with the love story that saw her come to be.

Tim and Anna’s love story has led them to Elle. (Credit: Instagram)

Anna had never had a boyfriend when she joined the cast of The Bachelor for its first season.

A 26-year-old criminal lawyer at the time, Anna has said she almost backed out of the show when she saw the other women vying for Tim’s heart.

“Mum dropped me off – and I rang her and was like, ‘oh my god Mum, I can’t do this, they’re all models, I’m so out of my league,” she revealed.

However, she went on to dazzle Tim on the red carpet and landed the very first single date.

Tim and Anna with a newborn Elle. (Credit: Instagram)

Anna would make it all the way to the finale, where Tim chose her over runner-up Rochelle Emmanuel-Smith.

While Anna returned to her law career, she was open about taking time to adjust to the relationship in the real world.

“It took probably a good year or so. I was still wary of the fact that we were in the limelight and people wanted us to be together, so we had to separate that from our real relationship,” she said.

However, the two remained an established couple, getting engaged and then becoming the first couple from Australia’s Bachelor franchise to tie the knot in 2018.

Tim and Anna at their wedding in Italy. (Credit: Instagram)

Tim proposed to Anna during a trip to Western Australia while the pair were on a dinghy at Chamberlain Gorge.

They married in Puglia, Italy, in a stunning ceremony and followed it up with an iconic pool party for their guests the following day.

The pair now live the influencer lifestyle in Sydney and announced the news of Anna’s pregnancy from lockdown in May 2020.

A month later, Tim and Anna shared the results of their gender reveal party, with a series of photos of themselves being showered with pink confetti.

WATCH: Inside Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich’s baby gender reveal party

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They brought Elle home as a family of three in November 2020.

Anna was candid about certain issues surrounding the birth, as Elle’s umbilical cord became wrapped around her neck during the birth.

“I think going into delivery you can definitely have a birth plan, but you’ve also got to be open to things going wrong or not going the way you expected,” she told WHO in 2021.

“And I think that’s kind of the thing I’ve learned with being pregnant and becoming a mother is you’ve got to be open to letting go. You’re not going to know all the answers and sometimes you’ve just got to go with the flow.”

Tim hanging out with baby Elle. (Credit: Instagram)

However, the adjustment was tough for Anna.

“There are definitely days where I’ve cried because I’ve just been exhausted, or I’ve sat down in the shower and I just want to sleep,” she admitted.

“Your emotions are all up and down, it’s like a roller-coaster. But from that moment, I just let go of everything I knew and tried to live more in the present. And I guess understanding that this is my world now, this is my new life and it’s just trying to work out how it’s all going to work.”

The couple have addressed if there are any siblings on the horizon for Baby Elle.

Anna with a smiley Elle. (Credit: Instagram)

“We have always wanted more than one,” Anna told WHO previously.

“I’ve grown up with two sisters, Tim’s got a brother and a sister, and I’ve always loved having siblings. So, hopefully one day in the future we can give Elle a brother or a sister.”

Anna, who starred on SAS Australia in 2022, said her love for her daughter was what motivated her to keep going on the show.

“The one thing I want to give my daughter – if I tell her that she can do something, I want to believe it in myself,” she said tearily at one point.

WATCH: First Look at Anna Heinrich on SAS Australia 2022

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Anna hadn’t been apart from Elle for more than one night before her stint on SAS and was eager to get home to her little girl after she left the show.

Speaking to Now To Love in early 2022, she said: “[My focus] will always be Elle. I am the busiest I’ve ever been, so I’m just going to be focusing on work and trying to have some downtime with my family as well.”

As for future family plans, the former Bachelor star was coy, teasing: “Who knows what the future will hold.”

In October 2023 the couple announced their family of three was soon to be a family of four, sharing that Anna was expecting their second child, another daughter in early 2024.

anna tim baby announcement gender reveal
Another girl! (Credit: Instagram)

In the meantime, enjoy scrolling through some of her and Tim’s best moments with Elle below.

Anna, Tim and Elle’s cutest moments

Anna with Elle at Elle’s first birthday celebrations. (Credit: Instagram)
Elle helping Anna with a workout. (Credit: Instagram)
“Hopefully one day in the future we can give Elle a brother or a sister.” (Credit: Instagram)
Elle had a blast on her first international holiday with her parents in 2022. (Credit: Instagram)
There’s always time for afternoon cuddles with doting dad Tim. (Credit: Instagram)
Little Elle is already starting to take after Anna in the looks department. (Credit: Instagram)
Too cute! Tim took Elle for a swimming lesson and the youngster was looking so grown up. (Credit: Instagram)
Happy 2nd Birthday! (Credit: Instagram)
Tim Robards anna heinrich
Merry Christmas! (Credit: Instagram)
Tim Robards anna heinrich
…and a Happy New Year! (Credit: Instagram)
Tim Robards anna heinrich
“First day of training for my little future F1 champion!” (Credit: Instagram)
Tim Robards anna heinrich elle
Happy 3rd birthday Elle! (Credit: Instagram)

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