Eden Dally says he and Cyrell Paule are “civil”

A month after confirming he'd split from the mother of his unborn child.
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Soon to be dad Eden Dally has given us an update on his tumultuous relationship with Cyrell Paule, admitting they’re trying to remain cordial for the sake of their unborn child. 

WATCH: Eden Dally dishes on the current state of his relationship with Cyrell Paule 

“She’s been doing great. She keeps saying she feels fat and I’m like, ‘you’re pregnant’. We still get along, still speaking, still civil,” the former Love Island Australia contestant told Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa this morning. 

During their chat, the reality TV star also confirmed his ex-girlfriend is bumping along nicely, with the doctors telling the former couple their son is going to be a “big baby”.  

“It’s going to be a big baby. We went for the 9-week scan the doctor said it was measuring at 21 weeks.” 

Cyrell announced she’d split from Eden on October 25. (Credit: Instagram)

In November, the expecting mother told New Idea that the “unspeakable pain and disappointment” of bringing a child into a broken home has been weighing heavily on her mind. 

I was desperate for our son to have a mother and a father  a happy home, a happy life,” said Cyrell.

Now I go into this all alone. It is devastating. It is the last thing I ever wanted. Everyone thinks this was an easy decision. It really wasn’t.

“It’s easy to break up with someone when you are no longer in love with them. It’s much harder breaking up when you are still in love with them … I do love Eden,” she continued.

Cyrell and Eden revealed they were expecting a baby boy in September. (Credit: Instagram)

As for why they decided to call time on their whirlwind romance— which was once rumoured to be a publicity stunt— the 30-year-old said she and Eden couldn’t help but butt heads over their different parenting values. 

“Honestly, I just think we wanted different things. I was happy to stay at home and focus on the baby whereas … Eden still wanted to go out and do his thing,” she said.

“We were going in different directions. I wanted to see certain changes in Eden as a partner and as much as he was trying  it wasn’t really in him.”

Cyrell and Eden looked more in love than ever during their baby shower. (Credit: Instagram)

While the soon to be mum says she’s trying to move on with her life and remain positive, there are still unresolved issues between the once happy couple. 

Even now he is asking what are the plans for the kid? When does he get to see him? When do I have him? What happens with the things he needs? I really do feel sorry for my child. He won’t get what other kids have. He won’t come home and see both the parents there,” she revealed.

In a recent Instagram Q&A, when asked whether she was prepared to raise a child without Eden by her side Cyrell said she’s more worried about losing herself in the thick of it all. 

Cyrell broke down during a tough chat with her fans. (Credit: Instagram)

“I’m not scared to be a single mother,” she said during the Instagram Q&A. “I’m more scared to forget my own self-worth and my value, and I would rather be happier on my own raising a child than to forget that.” 

Fighting back tears, she continued: “No one really wants to do it on their own, but in the end, I was made to choose whether or not I was to remain somewhere I wasn’t completely happy, or make that sacrifice for myself and my son.

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