Did Daniel Holmes just admit he went on MAFS for fame?

Wonder what Carolina thinks of this confession...
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Just days after helping to reignite the MAFS OnlyFans feud between Domenica Calarco and Olivia Frazer, season nine groom Daniel Holmes has sparked new controversy.

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The divisive reality star, who earned infamy by stealing Dion Giannarelli’s wife Carolina Santos on the show, took to Instagram on Wednesday with a cryptic post suggesting he signed onto the show in a bid for fame.

Sharing two snaps of himself posing in a denim jacket and cap, Daniel wrote: “Is it a bad thing to apply for MAFS for reasons other than love?”

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Girlfriend Carolina joked in the comments “Lucky you did get love”, but fans were less than impressed.

Daniel Holmes sparked fresh controversy with his post. (Credit: Instagram)

Several called Daniel out for his role in the season nine ‘cheating scandal’, insisting that he shouldn’t have gone on the show if he planned to ignore who the experts matched him with and go after another bride.

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“You go on there to make things work with your partner, not cheat on your significant other,” one follower wrote.

Another fumed: “Being so desperate for attention that you’d get married on TV whilst stealing someone else’s spot who genuinely wants to find a partner…. Duh!! Yes. You just aren’t capable of morals are you?”

Daniel and Carolina were branded MAFS villains after their ‘cheating’ scandal. (Credit: Nine)

But others defended Daniel, insisting plenty of this season’s contestants were attracted to the social media fame and brand partnerships that come after appearing on the show.

“Most of the people that go on this show only do it to get to get on TV and social media. They are just a sick joke,” one person penned.

Daniel’s question raises an interesting point, one MAFS fans have been debating for years now; do the people we see on the romance “experiment” really sign up for love?

While some of the contestants do seem genuine in their search for a connection – looking at you, Holly Greenstein – others seem more interested in causing drama to secure screentime.

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And even the contestants who do find romance on the show, like season “villain” Olivia Frazer and her boyfriend Jackson Lonie, enjoy boosted social media platforms and public profiles after appearing on MAFS.

While many still face some backlash and online trolling, the truth is that reality TV shows have turned into a sure-fire way to launch a social media career for influencer hopefuls here in Australia.

Fans have been aware of it for years and now it looks like stars like Daniel are ready to own up to it – albeit a little cryptically.

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