Dylan Alcott and Chantelle Otten’s sexy “date night” act

We want to add this kind of spice to our relationships!
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Chantelle Otten has shocked fans by heading out in public with a sex toy in her undies and filming the experience, while boyfriend Dylan Alcott had his hands on the controls. And honestly, good for them!


Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, the sexologist revealed she decided to give the racy act a go in honour of pride month.

In footage shared to her Stories, Chantelle could be seen dancing and laughing at a restaurant while friends pointed to her crotch, a huge caption over the video reading “it’s in the knickers”.

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Meanwhile boyfriend Dylan Alcott could be seen in the background seemingly controlling the tiny toy from his phone, Chantelle confirming it’s “great for date night”.

The vibrator packed a punch if her facial expressions, which ranged from shock to bliss, were anything to go by. 

Chantelle’s friends did “vibe checks” through her skirt. (Credit: Instagram)

“Everyone wanted a vibe check,” she added over clips of friends touching the vibrator through her skirt. “Was it restaurant appropriate? I don’t know, but we had fun.”

Chantelle has always been happy to talk about sex, sex toys and share her own experiences, but the clips where a whole new level of intimate for the sexologist – and fans loved it.

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“To celebrate pride I decided to try something new to bring me pleasure,” she penned over a video of her holding up a music activated vibrator.

Showing off the sex toy, which is designed to slip into your knickers for discreet wear, Chantelle said it was “designed to sit on the clitoris” but could work for other anatomies too.

Dylan seemed to be the one controlling the toy in the clips. (Credit: Instagram)

“It’s a really fun toy and can be versatile,” she penned, before cutting to the restaurant video that left fans speechless – and a bit jealous.

The specific vibrator she used is the Juno from Lovehoney, which is described as a “music-activated knicker vibrator. Designed to slip into your pants [and] buzz along to your favourite tunes.”

It retails for $99.95 on the Lovehoney website, but it’s certainly not the only wearable vibrator on the market.

WildSecrets sell the Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator With App for just $56.99 if you’re after a bargain, while We-Vibe’s Moxie underwear vibrator is a bit pricier at $149.

If you’re feeling extra luxe, you could even opt for the Lelo Lyla 2, a remote-controlled bullet vibrator that is like the Rolls Royce of sex toys and goes for $229.

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