Who is Ed Kavalee’s Wife? Meet Tiffiny Hall

Get to know the former Gladiators star.
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When he’s not starring on the Ten quiz show Have You Been Paying Attention? comedian Ed Kavalee splits his time between the world of radio and television. 

It was during his early days in radio that the 44-year-old met former Gladiators star and The Biggest Loser Australia trainer Tiffiny Hall. 

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Throughout their almost 10 years of marriage, the couple have also tried their hand at the other’s professions, with Ed documenting his fitness journey for his cover of Australian Men’s Health and Tiff stepping into the world of radio broadcasting with her podcast Bounce Forward.

As we eagerly await the couple’s next wholesome social media post, scroll down to get to know more about Ed and Tiff’s relationship. 

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How long have Ed Kavalee and Tiffiny Hall been married?

Ed Kavalee has been married to 39-year-old celebrity fitness trainer Tiffiny Hall since 2014. 

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How did Ed Kavalee and Tiffiny Hall meet?

Although there is little public information surrounding the specific timing, Kavalee first met Hall on the set of Gladiators, with Hall starring as a Gladiator named Angel.

“They were filming Gladiators and the showgrounds and I was working at Nova. I said, ‘Can I go and interview the Angel Gladiator because she’s so hot?’,” Kavalee previously told news.com.au.

Kavalee’s goal to get more face-to-face time with Hall eventually came to fruition, with Kavalee arranging three consecutive interviews with the Gladiator star while on fill-in radio.

“The third time the publicist at Channel Seven goes to me, ‘It’s getting a bit ridiculous that you keep asking Tiffiny in,’ and Tiff turned to me and said, ‘Yeah, it is ridiculous. When are you just going to ask me out?’, and that’s how we got together.”

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Do Ed Kavalee and Tiffiny Hall have children?

Ed Kavalee and Tiffiny Hall have two children. 

The couple welcomed their son Arnold in September 2017. The couple welcomed their second child five years later; announcing the arrival of their daughter Vada on May 30, 2022.

Speaking on Vada’s arrival, Kavalee said on the Hughsey, Ed, and Erin radio show, “She treats [birth] like an athletic pursuit. She’s just like, ‘Give me a piece of wood to chew on and I’ll get through it.'” 

“She did an incredible job… It was a sight to behold and what a great job she did,” he continued. 

Kavalee also shared that their daughter’s unique name stems from German origin – with Vade meaning knowledge and ruler. 

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