Elly Miles’ ex is one of The Bachelorette contestants

Their chemistry is off the HOOK.
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What if we told you that one of The Bachelorette lads looking to find love with the Miles sisters had a significant leg up on their competition? You’d probably give us some serious side-eye, right?

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Well according to Megan Pustetto, host of the So Dramatic podcast, not only was 25-year-old Joe Woodbury friends with Elly before making his reality TV debut, the pair had been in a full-blown relationship.

“Elly and Joe dated for a couple of months just before The Bachelorette,” she revealed on a recent episode.

“They had been on and off for a few months, they were dating in Newcastle right up until she moved to Bondi. They then continued dating casually when she was living in Bondi and she would travel back and forth between the two.”

Joe (pictured) is no stranger to taking his shirt off on social media. (Credit: Instagram)

So far, so intriguing – especially since it appears that their whole friendship group was in the know.

“They would hang out whenever she was in Newcastle, it was a legit thing, they were sleeping together, they were going on dates. It wasn’t a secret at all, all their inner circle knew about it,” Pustetto continued.

While it’s still not clear why the couple ended their fleeting romance (was it amicable or something more sinister?) one source claims Elly specifically asked Joe to join her for the season.

“It wasn’t a surprise at all, there was some acting involved because Elly actually requested that Joe be casted for the show,” So Dramatic revealed.

Elly (pictured) celebrating her 26th birthday in style. (Credit: Instagram)

In a promo clip released by Channel 10, the mechanic can be seen greeting Elly, 26, and Becky, 30, in a black and gold checked shirt on his very first night in the mansion.

“No! It’s a small world!” he says, clearly shocked to two find familiar faces waiting for him at the end of the rose-lined red carpet.

Adding fuel to the fire, fans have also noted that Joe and Elly are following each other on Instagram.

“Oh what an iso crew,” Elly commented on one of his snaps, to which Joe replied: “@ellymiles just missing Dobby!”

(Credit: Instagram)

It’s safe to say the pair has serious chemistry but are they mates or something more? Tune in to Channel 10 at 7.30 pm on Wednesday to find out!

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