Former Bachelorette Elly confesses she’s not ready to date again

"I’m focusing on myself."
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Despite some upheavals in her personal life in the past year, Elly Miles is on track when it comes to looking after her physical and mental health.

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WATCH BELOW: The Bachelorette star Elly Miles hits the gym

Miles, 26, started a new fitness regimen after finishing up as the 2020 Bachelorette (alongside her older sister Becky), and the incredible results are plain to see.

While Miles is confident rocking her swimwear these days, she tells WHO it’s her daily workouts at a high altitude training studio that have improved her mental health.

“When The Bachelorette was airing, I was so stressed because what was actually happening, currently, in my life was on TV,” she says. “Then I started to experience really bad anxiety, which I’d never had to deal with before. It felt like someone was closing a hand around my throat.”

Miles, who is a trained nurse, soon realised that her anxiety eased when she was working out in the gym.

elly miles
Miles is such a fan of her gym, she’s investing in a Gold Coast branch. (Credit: Instagram)

You’re looking incredible right now. What changes have you made?

While The Bachelorette was on TV, I was just so stressed. There was so much media involvement – it was really overwhelming. When the show was on, I avoided going out in public.

I only felt comfortable at my gym, Air Locker Training, in Newcastle. So towards the end of last year, I started going every day.

What differences have you noticed since you upped your workouts?

I think while Becky and I were on the show we tried to train as much as we could, mainly to benefit our mental health, but my physical strength and muscle tone had diminished because we were so busy filming. So once I got home and started training again, I noticed I’d gotten stronger and I’ve built muscle.

I’ve definitely lost a bit of body fat, but I don’t weigh myself so I don’t know how much. My relationship with the gym isn’t about doing it just to get a good body though, it’s to feel strong physically and mentally. I look forward to going because it makes me feel good.

elly miles
“My physical strength and muscle tone had diminished because we were so busy filming.” (Credit: Instagram)

Do you do classes or work out with a trainer?

I do group classes and work out with my personal trainer Roman Brady, too. The thing I love about working out in a high altitude studio is that it’s like training at the top of a mountain.

Your body goes into a hypoxic state [meaning it has to work harder due to lack of oxygen]. You also release more serotonin, too, which would explain why I felt so much better.

What sort of diet style do you follow?

I’m a total foodie and I never want to miss out when it comes to my food! I follow an 80/20 ratio, so yummy treats are still on the table. I also like intermittent fasting.

I find it really helps with my energy levels and digestion. I’ll have my first meal around 12pm and my last meal around 8pm.

I’ll have a couple of protein shakes in the day, a light lunch and a dinner, which is meat and veg or a burrito bowl. But I love my treats, too. Prawn wontons – and chocky! – are my favourites.

elly and becky miles
Elly was the 2020 Bachelorette alongside her older sister Becky (left). (Credit: Ten)

Do you have any regrets about doing The Bachelorette?

I definitely don’t regret doing it. I’ve learned so much about myself. When you’ve gone through a tough or stressful time, it helps you grow and I’m proud of how Becky and I conducted ourselves.

We went on the show with the purest of intentions and that was to find love, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Are you still in touch with bachelors Frazer [Neate] and Joe [Woodbury]?

Frazer and I don’t talk. Once that was over, it was over and that’s the way it’s going to stay – we’re done. Joey and I are still really good mates.

elly miles frazer
Elly says she and Frazer (left) no longer talk following their split. (Credit: Ten)

Any chance that could turn into something more?

We’re just good friends with a little bit of history, nothing more. He’s always been really lovely and respectful, so it means a lot to me that we can still be friends.

Are you dating anyone?

I’m very single. I don’t know if I’m ready to get back out there yet. Not that I’m hung up on Frazer or anything like that, but I’m just taking time for me. I’m focusing on myself. I go to the gym, I go to work and I look after myself by eating well. I’m feeling really happy again now though. I’m getting my groove back.

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