Elly Miles sends Frazer a VERY clear message in the wake of their split

“Everything happens for a reason.”
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Bachelorette star Elly Miles obviously isn’t losing sleep over her split with Frazer Neate.

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On Monday, the 26-year-old Newcastle native took to Instagram to share that she’s found a silver lining in the midst of heartbreak.

“I’ve had a lot of people lately ask me how I keep a positive outlook on life – especially when going through a challenging time,” she captioned a smiley selfie.

“I’ve said this kind of thing before but I honestly believe everything happens for a reason & you go through things in life (good & bad) which will evolve you into the person you’re meant to be!”

No tears here! (Credit: Instagram)

When times are tough, she suggests remembering that the universe works FOR you, not against you.

“Rather than thinking, ‘WHY is this happening TO ME?!’, redirect & realise… and just trust that you’re on your way to being exactly where you’re meant to be in life,” she continues. “Often when we go through hard shit, it’s difficult to see past the current state of pain or hurt you’re experiencing & see an end to it, see the light at the end of the tunnel if you will. But you do get there & you come out the other end a lot bloody stronger and happier for it! 🤙🏻.”

Elly wrapped up her inspiring post by sending positive vibes to “anyone doing it tough in any way.”

“You will get through it 🌈🌻🥰🙏🏻,” she wrote. 

After fielding persistent rumours that the concreter had been cheating, Elly finally admitted that the couple had gone their separate ways in a teary IG video earlier this month. 

Frazer and Elly weren’t meant to be. (Credit: Ten)

“It was really really hard having the distance and the secrecy and I guess everything that comes along with having a new relationship in the media,” she explained. “I honestly gave everything I had to that show and to him and so for it to not work out, it’s pretty devastating.”

“It’s a bit of a quick turnaround to go from thinking you found the person you wanna be with forever to being single again,” Elly added. “I know I’m gonna be fine though.”

Instead of reaching for the ice cream and listening to Adele on loop, Elly has been throwing herself into her friendships and fitness regime. Not only has she been loading up on fresh fruit and veggie juices, she’s been training and going for long walks daily.

Shortly after announcing the break up to her fans, Elly let her hair down with friends at a white themed house party in Newcastle with friends including Amazing Race Australia winners Tim Sattler and Rod Jones.

Elly is all smiles! (Credit: Instagram)

Frazer is yet to comment publicly on their split, although he has been slammed by Elly’s fans in the comment of his most recent Instagram post from November.

“Unfollow. Bye!” one of Elly’s supporters penned.

“Poor Elly I knew she should of picked Joey,” remarked another.

One even wrote: “It was clear that you weren’t into Elly… you probably should have been honest with her…”

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