Em Rusciano’s emotional plea to her husband

Live on-air.

Em Rusciano has made an emotional plea to her husband live on-air. 

The comedian and breakfast radio show host phoned husband Scott Barrow on Thursday morning to address their home life.

Rusciano revealed that even though she wakes up at 4am for her job, she does “90 per cent” of the house work.

“Babe, I’m tired man,” she told her husband. “I’m working hard. We get to do lots of fun stuff because I’m doing this radio job. And I need you to cook the dinner more. I’m so tired.

“We are at a point where he goes ‘What’s for dinner?’ And I go (in reply), ‘What’s for dinner?’”

“In many Australian households, the jobs aren’t equally divided. Women tend to do 90 per cent, and run the house, and work,” she continued. 

The mother-of-two even suggested taking a strike from her chores.

“I need to make a stand with my husband. I feel like perhaps I need to go on strike.”

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