Euphoria season three: Everything you need to know

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We’ve made our way through the emotional whirlwind that is Euphoria’s second season, but already the HBO hit has been confirmed for a season three. Are we surprised? Absolutely not.

The series has become a cultural touchstone, inspiring everything from our fashion choices and beauty looks to tunes we playing on repeat.

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Undeniably darker than its debut season, Euphoria’s sophomore offering hasn’t been for the faint-hearted. But, that gritty, raw and unfiltered look at life as a teenager navigating sex, drugs and high school is exactly what’s made the series a success.

“I see it being for anyone who connects to it on an emotional level,” Zendaya told Elle Australia.

With such a dramatic ending, we can only speculate as to what season three will hold, but there’s one thing we know with certainty: it won’t disappoint.

Below we round up all the details you need to know about Euphoria season three.

Will Rue survive to see season three? (Credit: HBO)

Euphoria season three cast

If you’re up to date with the latest season, you’ll know there’s currently a big question mark hanging over Rue’s fate. Fans have spotted a number of clues the character, played by Zendaya Coleman, may have overdosed (again). 

As the show’s main drawcard however, fans can expect to see Rue again, with the show’s creator and director Sam Levinson telling ELLE US that he sees season three as a “film noir,” teasing that, through the eyes of Rue, he will “explore what it means to be an individual with principles in a corrupt world.”

Nate’s dad, Cal (played by Eric Dane), could also be leaving the show after he confessed all his sins and seemingly said farewell to his family, in an epic meltdown.

Confirming her exit, however, we have Barbie Ferreira. Playing Kat, the 26-year-old was reported to have had a falling out with Levinson.

Speaking out for the first time on her departure, the actress told Dax Sheppard in Armchair Expert that her and Levinson came to a “mutual decision”.

“I feel like with season 2 and having certain parts of it that I felt was a kind of a struggle for both parties—Sam, me—it was a struggle to find the continuation of her so that was actually really hurtful, watching it and seeing the fans get upset. I don’t know, I just felt like maybe, it’s like I overstayed my welcome a little bit,” she said.

“Sam writes for like things that he relates to. I don’t think he relates to Kat,” she concluded.

We can only assume the remainder of the cast, which consists of Jacob Elordi, Alexa Demie, Hunter Schafer, Dominic Fike, Sydney Sweeney, and Maude Apatow will return for season three.

Angus Cloud will not return after tragically passing away in July 2023. It is not known what will happen to his character, Fezco.

The cast celebrated season two’s premiere in style. (Credit: Getty)

Euphoria season three release date and where to watch

As with the first two seasons of the show, Euphoria is available to stream in Australia on Binge. If you haven’t already, you can sign up here for a free 14-day trial.

As for the premiere date, that’s yet to be confirmed, however, we don’t expect the new season any time soon after HBO announced a delay in production. 

“HBO and Sam Levinson remain committed to making an exceptional third season,” an HBO spokesperson told Variety in March 2024. “In the interim, we are allowing our in-demand cast to pursue other opportunities.”

The following month, Zendaya spoke out about the upcoming season, claiming she too, is unaware when production will begin. 

“I don’t know. I am not in charge,” she told Variety when asked about when fans could expect the new season.

“Of course, if it’s right for the characters and everything turns out the way it should, of course,” Zendaya added when asked if she wanted to return to the show. “But it’s beyond me.”

In November 2023, HBO confirmed the show was expected to premiere in 2025 – almost three years after season two debuted in January 2022 – leading many fans to wonder if the show would take place after a five-year time-jump. 


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