Are Farmer Tom and Sarah Still Together? Here’s What We Know About Their Life After the Show

Another Farmer Wants a Wife Success Story!
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22-year-old cattle farmer Tom, known for his pragmatic approach to life and dedication to his family farm, captured viewers’ hearts early on with his genuine charm and unwavering work ethic.

Throughout the season, Tom’s search for love took centre stage as he navigated the challenges of finding a partner who shared his values and understood the demands of farm life.

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Amidst the trials and tribulations of the show, Sarah emerged as the frontrunner for Tom’s affections.

Despite the season still in full swing, their connection blossomed and Farmer Tom made a touching declaration of love after sending the two remaining women home. 

“At this point in time Sarah, you are the person I want a relationship with and I’m falling in love with you,” Farmer Tom said during the emotional episode, confessing that he loved her. 

But what happens next? Whilst fans may have only just seen their relationship unfold on television screens across Australia, they want to know if the couple are still together – here’s what we know. 

Farmer Tom and Sarah
(Credit: Seven)

Are Farmer Tom and Sarah Still Together? 

Whilst neither Farmer Tom nor Sarah made any comment on their relationship during the season- that didn’t stop fans from investigating!

Although the show wrapped filming a few months ago, some fans were convinced the couple were still going strong after they noticed the pair still following each other on Instagram. 

Sarah also previously shared a photo of herself in Beechworth, Victoria, on Instagram which is conveniently close to Farmer Tom’s farm in Nagambie, another clue some audiences have taken as further proof the pair are still together. 

The reunion episode saw the couple confirm fans’ suspicions, revealing they were still together. 

Admitting their relationship was still going “slow and steady,” Sarah explained that while they were in fact together, she was splitting her time between Perth and the farm. 

“I’m pretty happy,” Farmer Tom shared.

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