5 Shows to Watch This Weekend

Why leave the couch on your precious days out of the office? Here, our favourite reasons to hibernate at home, with your new best friend, the remote. (May 3)


STARRING: Natalie Dormer, Samara Weaving

Picnic at Hanging Rock

The classic tale—both the 1967 novel by Joan Lindsay and the 1975 film adaptation by Peter Weir—about four girls who go missing on Valentine’s Day 1900, is retold as a haunting six-part miniseries with a top-notch cast. Game of Thrones’s Dormer stars as Mrs Appleyard, headmistress of a school for girls, iron-fisted ruler of the pupils, teachers and household staff—and a woman with a dark past. From there, secrets are hinted at, disquieting murmurs and strands of mystery wefted onto a frame of intrigue, and it’s all done with high-end cinematic production values. Get lost in the magic. 4 stars (All episodes stream on Foxtel On Demand from Sun., May 6, at 8.30 PM) · By Deborah Grunfeld

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STARRING: Julia Roberts, Richard Gere

Pretty Woman

You can imagine that the pitch for this 1990 flick may have been a difficult sell—a wealthy New York businessman falls for a hooker he meets working Hollywood Boulevard—but somehow the unlikely concept made it to celluloid. So thanks go to the risk-taker producers who gave the go-ahead, to the finesse of director Garry Marshall, the charisma of stars Roberts and Gere, and standout sidepieces Héctor Elizondo, Laura San Giacomo and Jason Alexander, for a beloved classic that stands the test of time. 4 stars (Available on iTunes) · By Deborah Grunfeld


STARRING: Chris Rock, Adam Sandler

the week of

Kenny (Sandler) is your average schlub, trying to muddle through the week of his daughter’s wedding. Although he is not wealthy and cool like the surgeon father of the groom (Rock as Dr C), he’s doing his best for his baby girl, though pride stops him accepting much-needed financial help from the doc. Add in a little slapstick misfortune and a few oddball characters, and you have a Father of the Bride for a new generation. It’s tamer than Rock’s usual fare but fans of Sandler will be happy. 3 stars (Now on Netflix) · By Deborah Grunfeld


STARRING: Paula Beer

Bad Banks

Given the revelations coming out of the Financial Services Royal Commission, the timing couldn’t be more perfect for this German series about a brilliant young up-and-comer working in the world of banking. But being smart isn’t going to be enough for Jana (Beer) to make it in such a competitive and morally questionable industry—she’ll find that she’s going to have to make some tough choices in order to get ahead. 3.5 stars (Now on SBS On Demand) · By Gavin Scott


STARRING: Abbi Jacobson, Dave Franco

6 Balloons

“When I’m with you, all I see is you,” Jacobson declares in a drama about drug addiction. She is far from her jocular, irreverent Broad City character as she plays Katie, who is busy planning the perfect surprise birthday party for her boyfriend and coping with the overcritical barbs from her mum (Jane Kaczmarek) when she finds herself dragged into looking after her brother, Seth (Franco), who she realises is suffering heroin withdrawal.

Through a long evening, and with her young niece in tow, she struggles to get him help, putting her own life—and sanity—at risk to help her loved one on his road to recovery. The intertwining of the voiceovers of GPS navigation with a self-help tape provides  an aural guide to Katie’s inner conflict, likened to drowning.  It’s a lyrical, challenging movie, showing the pain of both the addict and those who care for them. And although it tends at times to the melodramatic, it’s a touching portrayal of sibling love. 3 stars (Now on Netflix· By Deborah Grunfeld

Want to know the truth about Picnic At Hanging Rock? We also talk about the new WentworthRoseanne and Santa Clarita Diet, in Episode 2 of WHO magazine’s TV podcast, Binge List. Please listen on iTunes or OMNY

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